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Nouman Ali Khan is a Pakistani-born American Muslim speaker. He is the founder, CEO and lead instructor at The Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Qur’anic Studies. 141 more words

Nouman Ali Khan

“Kita saat ini hidup di era yang aneh. Saat ini orang bisa saja mendapatkan gelar Master, ataupun bisa juga mendapatkan gelar Ph.D. di suatu bidang ilmu, tetapi orang tidak tahu bagaimana menjadi anak yang baik, bagaimana menjadi suami yang baik, bagaimana menjadi tetangga yang baik. 12 more words


98: Al Bayyinah

Tafseer Surah Al Bayyinah

Surah Al Alaq dealt with the subject of how the revelation began whilst Al Qadr dealt with the subject of when it began. 8,048 more words

Nouman Ali Khan

Work Resolutions

I work with kids and I have to say, I enjoy being around them. I also think that it is one of the noble jobs that you can have in society, although most people would think it’s of a lower status from say… being a doctor, lawyer etc. 151 more words


Finding a cave

Rasoolallah(صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) is doing humanitarian help—this is pre-islam—and even though he’s helping day after day after day, the problem isn’t going away. There are more and more people in need. 1,052 more words