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Nourishing: Photography Challenge Day 27

Today I am grateful for mistakes.  We went to the grocery a week ago, and I asked the kids to grab a can of tomato soup for a recipe.   52 more words


Nourish Thyself.

It has been two weeks since I have arrived and settled in my apartment in Los Angeles. Being an east coast girl my whole life, I have never been so elated to push myself in the other direction all the way to the west coast and grasp new parts about me I have never discovered before. 596 more words

Do I Need a Toner?

The toner’s role is probably the most misunderstood in the entire skincare regimen. Many don’t know that this step of a beauty routine is actually very beneficial for your skin: toners prepare skin for treatments and moisturizers, boost up other products’ benefits and clean skin of residue. 267 more words


Fabulous Beauty Benefits From Coconut Oil

Walking into any beauty store and oils are all all the rage. Macadamia nut oil, Marula oil, Argan Oil, are just some of the oils cosmetic brands are trying to sell consumers. 544 more words


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I thought all day and all night yesterday––which was Sunday, of course––about what to use as my topic for Sundays. It’s probably evident by now, but nothing came to mind. 881 more words



“One needs to know where they are before they can know where they are meant to be.” <3

… Where are you?
… Where do you want to be? 8 more words



“… Appointed Heirs of all things…”

What does that mean to you?
Does it make you feel meaningful?
It better.

How does that make you wanna act differently?