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John Maximovitch: Seeing the Light of the Risen Christ with the Eyes of the Heart

Let us cleanse our senses and see through the gleaming, unapproachable light of Christ’s Resurrection.

Now is everything filled-full with light — the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. 463 more words


Spoiled Drama - Black Drama EP [US004]

Nous #4 is here featuring 5 moody, tracky cuts by Berlin’s enigmatic Spoiled Drama. The show stealer comes courtesy of NY’s Patricia who takes the lead track’s disembodied vocal sample and proceeds to intertwine it around an at once sinister yet beatific piece of atmospheric po-mo techno.



Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis 324

“An unsteady mind is an unjust possession and a mystery to friends”

νοῦς δέ γ᾽ οὐ βέβαιος ἄδικον κτῆμα κοὐ σαφὲς φίλοις.


Andrew of Crete: Find the Promised Land and Explore it Secretly

You have heard, O my soul, how the waves and waters of the river formed a protective chamber for the baby Moses, allowing his basket of reeds to escape the cruel edict of the Pharaoh. 363 more words


Zhou Chenggang : vision et modèle de gagner l'avenir

Maintenant, beaucoup de gens parleront de choix dans l’ère des questions de réforme de l’éducation, disant que nous nous trouvons à la croisée de l’éducation. 1,435 more words

Mind, truth and commonality

I want to discuss a feature of ancient Greek thinking that is certainly alien to the metaphysical presuppositions of our age: namely, that mind/nous… 684 more words

Bede the Venerable: St Cuthbert and the Hermitage of Farne

March 20th is the feast of St Cuthbert….

When Cuthbert had remained some years in the monastery, he was rejoiced to be able at length, with the blessing of the abbot and brethren accompanying him, to retire to the secrecy of solitude which he had so long coveted. 426 more words