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At the Circus of Reflections & Lives

While the KBH yelled accusations to each other, Stephen’s multi-ethnic orbs turned with a huff and peeked out again through the curtains. His attention veered into the circus grounds outside: looked like patrons had just been let in for the main show. 71 more words


Love, K.B.H. Style

“Love is a stagecoach, yes it is. It’s when one thing needs something as much as that something needs it. There’s no beauty or peace in this, but a constant battle.” 6 more words


The Art of Naming Cats

“One cat just leads to another.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Two kittens recently joined our home here in the northwoods. They are eight weeks old and full of life, mettle and innocence. 357 more words


"Nothing" from the book

The only ones who truly have helped the world have no name, no words on stone, nor fame. They are nothing. And that… is why nothing can help the world. 6 more words


Darkened Skies

Possibly thinking the worst thoughts can be the best thing for you. Create the worst scenario in your mind, close your eyes and play it in all its glory. 230 more words


Blood Obsession: Fall Breezes

Bobbi steps into the stirrup and pops into the saddle. The chestnut stallion prances under her. A firm squeeze of her calves brings him under control. 662 more words


Advice: Killing your Darlings!

There are advice and then there are advice!

Who has heard of ‘killing your darlings’? I bet many of you have, whether you are in the writing business or film business, or any other business that has used it to essentially say kill the idea/project/scene/dialogue etc. 510 more words