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Step Number Five: Wait.

I promise that this blog will eventually become something other than a syncopatedly pathetic drip of information concerning the journey of ONE measly little article.  Now comes the whole “naked in front of the doctor AND my wife” sort of disembodied feeling. 79 more words

Blogging Advice

I Steal from Our Lives to Write a Novel

For me, this has almost become a mantra: “I steal from our lives to write a novel.” It’s more satisfying to say than repeating the same advice I hear in every creative writing workshop and writing guide: write what you know. 298 more words


My Novel Ideas...Get it?

Okay so I’m all over the place but today I feel like I’m going to lay down the attempts at Novels that never went anywhere. I feel like it would be a good way to see if maybe I could get back into them, maybe not. 992 more words

Battle Royale

This is not your average schoolyard bully fight.

Last week I promised I’d post the progress on the climactic showdown scene in my daughter’s and my WIP, … 2,084 more words



“If I showed up with a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, would you run away with me too?” 

Boy band lyrics are today’s fodder for thought. 250 more words

Quid Pro Quo?

Of the many milestones in the life of every novel, short story, or poem, one of the most crucial is the first time a writer allows his or her infant yet already beloved work to be viewed by others. 674 more words


I need some motivation, people.  Tell me – how do you keep working on your novel when your spring of creativity experiences a temporary drought?  Let me know! 8 more words