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Of Plays and Novels

Yesterday morning, over tea and seemingly out of the blue, my mother asked when am I going to write another novel.

“I think you miss it. 421 more words


Freewrite Assignment 10

Source: Inky Tavern 
Theme: Using Articles for Fiction
Rules: Write without edits. Raw first draft.
  • Find a newspaper or a magazine article that interests you (it can be online or off)
  • 308 more words
Writing Exercise

Back to Novel Writing

I’ve recently dredged up enough courage to begin working on my fantasy novel again. It’s been a long road (5 months), but I’ve finally stopped puttering around and gotten to really working on it. 900 more words


Activism, Community, and a Good Editor

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I apologize for everyone still following. After a disastrous few months, and a job that left me with an hour to do housework, food prep, and bill pay a day, I’m back to continue my movement toward enlightenment. 1,112 more words


The Next Big Thing: My updated thoughts

A fellow writer Heather Haven interviewed me for her blog in 2012. I updated this email interview with my thoughts today. Here are my answers to eleven interview questions for the… 1,152 more words

Sensationally Sudsy! Behind the Scenes!

You have to be creative and think outside the box (or, er, inside the tub) a lot when you’re a little-known author with a small, independent, Canadian publisher. 425 more words


Novel writing and traditional publishing

What with all my recent magazine publications and correspondence with editors on forthcoming poetry collections and book length stories (more on these in upcoming posts!) I have neglected to write an update on the status of my novel publishing ventures! 163 more words