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On Finding Your Literary Voice...

In reading literary reviews, or writing reviews in general, one note that commonly comes up how the author has found his or her voice. ‘This writer has found his voice…’ ‘She’s established her own voice…’ ‘His unique voice comes through loud and clear in his writing’. 1,268 more words

A Writer Writes. Except When She Doesn't.

I’ll admit it. I commit the cardinal sin of writerdom.

I don’t write every day.

I know, I know, I know. Get into the habit, blah blah blah. 440 more words



The pleasure
of inventing a person
is that you get to be
her for a time
and she may be
nothing like you
so you get to be… 55 more words


Day -294 - A little help from my friends?

I’ve been reading and researching a lot lately, trying to get my mind right for the novel I want to write.  Of course, if you ask me what it’s about, I can’t rightly tell you.  422 more words


I have a lot of posts planne, but I just cannot write because I am very sick in bed, but I promise on Wednesday I will have something good up. 102 more words


School's out

Dear blog readers, first off welcome to Sunday morning, sorry for the slight delay in this post, the combination of end of year exams and moving country slowed me down somewhat. 736 more words


MWW14 (Part III)

I can’t believe it’s already over…

The MWW was an amazing conference, there is so much to say about it and it’s hard to find a place to start. 313 more words