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Writing Tips #9 Short Story vs. Novel Stories

Here’s the thing, NaNoWriMo was great. It really was, I finally after about two years of claiming to have a dream of writing but not actually putting any words down on the paper other than planning related words (that kept changing) I actually stopped procrastinating and stuck fingers to keys and tapped some 50,000 words in 26 days. 268 more words


Can't Force Inspiration

The past week has been good for me hopping back on writing my fantasy novel. It still has been touch and go, but after recovering from NaNoWriMo I feel like I can tackle the project systematically. 859 more words


It's Not What You Say But What You Say and How You Say It - The Art of Talking Good Dialogue

For me, the chatter that takes place between the pages of a book is the most important part of the book. The connecting prose is merely the scaffolding, if you will. 640 more words


Stop Treating Other Writers as Your Competition

There’s a trend that I’ve noticed, and I feel it needs attention. In cyberspace as in social space, it seems that writers like to consider other writers their competition. 669 more words

Gone Dreaming

It’s officially the offseason here on Cape Cod. Houses are boarded up and the beach is turning into a wasteland of blowing sand.

It must be liberating to put up a sign like this while going off to pursue a dream. 299 more words


How Bad Do You Want It?

If you are a writer, you’ve likely heard these suggestions often:

“Write every day.”

“Writers write.”

I’ve taken the NIKE Ad a little farther, and often say to myself and other writers, “Just Write It.” 571 more words



it had been cloudy and windy for the whole day. and cold, also; coldest for the whole month, in fact. it was the perfect weather to have a walk around town but i opted to stay at our house for the whole day. 816 more words