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Passive Voice in the Media and Victim Blaming

So before I get into this rant, a little backstory. I was watching a youtube video of one of my favorite commentators. The video was a live commentary over some video gameplay, and the subject was about how people get offended over some jest. 986 more words


School update and a book review

We’ve begun our second week of school and if the boys keep at this pace we’ll be finished by March. Not really, but they are zooming through the first few units of math. 432 more words


Chapter 12!

As you can tell, I’m still chugging along nicely on the new novel and I’m still handwriting it!  I haven’t determined, yet, if that is why I’m doing so well or whether I’m doing well because it’s what I enjoy writing–the paranormal romance of sorts. 234 more words

5 Things

Dan Purdue recently posted 5 things about his current work in progress. He’d been tagged in a previous post by Jonathan Pinnock and at the end of his own post, Dan tagged me (along with four other writers). 802 more words


An Update: Writing a Novel and Whatnot

It’s been a while since my last update in the blog, and that’s mainly because I’m writing a novel. Wait, what?


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On Writing

Self-pity never fueled a single accomplishment

I made the above statement a few days ago and impressed myself enough to use it as a blog post title. If someone else already said it, please don’t tell me. 556 more words

Eric J Baker

First Word

The scariest moment is always just before you start. ~Stephen King

Why is that? Why is just before you start the scariest moment of writing? 263 more words