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Dark Winter

I am reviewing the SAS thriller Dark Winter by Andy McNab which is a very good novel which I bought from a car boot sale. This is part of the Nick Stone series of thrillers about a deniable ops operative who used to be a SAS soldier and now does dangerous missions to make ends meet. 295 more words


Being Young Does Not Mean That You Can't Write.

I feel like there is this kind of stigma that pops up sometimes where people invalidate young writers, claiming that they either don’t have enough practice or life experience to write a good, meaningful story. 392 more words


breathe the water

This is an excerpt from Black by Ted Dekker – this is NOT my writing.

Ted Dekker is my inner author’s hero. This guy is amazing.  1,002 more words

Welcome to Paradise: The Kincaids Book One by Rosalind James

I have read the author’s Escape to New Zealand series, which I liked, but thought it was very light reading. So I was positively surprised by her new series. 60 more words


Men Without Women

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I picked up this series of short stories by Hemingway. Each of the fourteen chapters focusses on a different person, keeping the novel interesting and varied. 207 more words

Inspiration: Tartanic, Uncivilized

Good mood music does so much to enhance the experience of a movie or television show. It also enhanced my experience while writing Dark And Deep… 155 more words

Dark And Deep

Fallacious Logic in the American Government

Hi everyone,

A lot of people have been asking about the research I presented in Niagara a few weeks back and how it correlates to the novel I’ve been working on. 1,695 more words