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Loved Ones: Chapter Four: The Assassin

The car swerved, Law apologizes. Grunting! Though he was driving, he wasn’t that good at it. Hearing no reply, he glance backward, Xparkle was sprawled out on the back-seat, his head on Linda’s laps. 1,151 more words


Benefit of a Manuscript Assessment

Over the past two months I’ve been gently revisiting the novel I have been attempting to write, as well as writing down the plot and structure for the rest of the trilogy. 645 more words

B. L. Crisp

10/27: "Defensa imaginaria de una Texas imaginada", Carmen Boullosa

We invite you to our next Mexican Monday with Carmen Boullosa, who will speak about her last book, Texas, published in 2013. The book’s soul is the encounter between an imagined Texas by Mexico’s first half of 19th century, and the factual Texas of those same years. 233 more words


Book Club: Gelombang, Kepingan Terbaru Saga Supernova

Dewi Lestari menyeretmu lebih dalam lagi ke dunia Supernova lewat kepingan terbarunya, Gelombang.

Sebagai natural-born bookworm (or at least self-proclaimed) yang tak pernah absen membaca sejak bisa mulai merangkai huruf menjadi kalimat, buku fiksi bagi saya adalah sebuah hiburan, guru, dan terutama eskapisme. 1,679 more words


Humboldt: The Annotated Edition Soundcloud file

While doing readings, I always enjoy giving an example of how Humboldt: The Annotated Edition works. In addition to the two annotations mentioned in the audio file, here are a couple of other quick things that appear within this particular passage: 190 more words


October 23rd

Dear Sophia,

I love you. You looked so beautiful today. All I could think when I saw you was people in the past would have written poems about how beautiful you are. 811 more words