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why this writer likes blogging

I know of a blogger who migrated his words to another blog so he feels less inhibited. I won’t tell because I want to keep this to myself. 603 more words


Update #1 - First Query Submitted and Venting

Hey there,

Just posted a tweet about this post. To clarify guys, the # stands for number and not a twitter hashtag like it so commonly is now. 378 more words

Z.N. Khan

Welcome to the Crawl

Welcome to The Book Crawl!

I’m excited and honoured that you have found your way to my humble blog. I’ve been meaning to start one of these for a number of years (and have started a number of times with varying degrees of success), but have never been able to see it through to publication online. 319 more words

Book Review

On SOLARIS (a.k.a. on Posting Deadlines)

Short post/announcement/thingy…

I’ve finally come up with a posting deadline for this week–1800 hrs (or 6 P.M.) tomorrow, Eastern Standard Time. While not quite as early as I’d hoped, it still falls well within the time-frame I promised, and the slight delay will enable me to post better prose. 30 more words


35 Days to 35: Beginning the Journey

It was a terrible day to begin work. I was numb with sleepiness. Literally, mind-numbingly numb. I thought I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before. 646 more words


Imprisoned Heart-Chapter 11

Imprisoned Heart
Chapter 11

She was so frustrating. He had tried to make today special, and instead of thanking him, she gets mad. He couldn’t figure her out. 508 more words


3 - Projects all over the place

I don’t know how much of a good idea it is for me to have too many writing projects in the pipeline all at once, but I can’t really help it. 511 more words