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Like space? And romance? How about a little of each?

A friend and fellow science fiction romance writer, Laurie A. Green released the cover of her debut novelette yesterday in an exclusive post on the… 281 more words


Mid Week Tease - She Knows Exactly What She's doing - a snippet from Untangle Me

Welcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the beautiful, Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

For the remainder of this year, I’m sharing snippets from each of my four other books. 800 more words

Erotic Romance

Brand new review: The She Stands Alone by Nadine Keels

A woman decides to spend some time relearning how to enjoy the single life after getting dumped by her college boyfriend. What starts as “me time,” however, quickly turns into the aching realization that “me” actually means “alone.” She begins to wonder whether she really wants to be alone when another romantic possibility crosses her path. 370 more words

Nadine Keels

Draft 1 of THE TYPIST Completed

It’s rough – and definitely in first draft mode… but if you’ve been following so far and want to see how it ends for Henry Pickman… 7 more words


(I Hate This) Love Song - part three

He pushed his fork into the spaghetti and twirled it, then pulled up the caught strands and put them slowly into his mouth as I watched, enthralled at the carefulness with which he ate, thinking how much like a little boy he resembled at that instance. 337 more words


Random Thoughts at Ungodly Hours

by Rhea C. Hernando

“ I realized then that a mother’s heart is boundless and bottomless …. I was almost mad with worry and sadness. I blamed myself: It must be because with all the work at the office and at home ….

1,677 more words

The Ultimate Vampire - Chapter 6

I only thought he’d avoided the sickness because he wasn’t like the other vampires I’d seen who were ill. They had aged. They had looked dead, which they were, but more obviously. 532 more words