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2014 Favorite Reads

A wealth of great things happened on the page this past year — sometimes serving as a balm or a fuse for dealing with world events. 852 more words

Fangirl Reading

From "The Slow Regard of Silent Things"

Some places had names. Some places changed, or they were shy about their names. Some places had no names at all, and that was always sad. 27 more words

Patrick Rothfuss

From "Sing Down the Moon" Chapter Twenty-three

“We go because I am tired of hearing about sheep,” he said. “And for no other reason. It is a dangerous place to go. There are no sheep left, but still I go. 76 more words


Fresher Fairy Tales

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? Especially when they’re hot! The first two sexy tales are out — coming soon, Love Me Like A Reptile, a new take on The Frog Prince (and yes, I know frogs are amphibians ;-) that’s part of the plot). 9 more words


5 Things Short Stories Can Do That Novels Can't

One of my short stories appears in the Awesome Indies Allshorts anthology, which is now available.

Rather than just tell you how awesome the book is and encourage you to buy it, I thought I’d use pieces from the anthology to discuss the art of short story writing. 1,000 more words


Print&Digital publications for Novellas&Novelettes

Ahoy mates!

It has been a while, I know, and I’m truly sorry. I spent these last days freaking out over the publication thing and reading and re-reading and complaining about my own writing. 763 more words