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Novelist, Do You Use Visuals?

I am huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I love his wild genius and untamed spirit combined with the relentlessness he uses to solve a case. Now, I understand this is fiction, but those abilities are quite attractive to the would-be novelist. 153 more words

The Writing Process

Ben and the Wonderful World of Technology

Sometimes when I’m feeling nice, I’ll play a bit of Nintendo with my oldest nephews. It makes me think about when I was their age playing games. 838 more words



Each one of us has a dream, mine is to be known as a famous writer. I want to be like J.K. Rowling. I am not hypocrite to say that I don’t want to be a millionaire like her, of course I want it…but I am more on my passion and that is to be known as a… 368 more words

Administrative Assistant

A Short Story: Endtown

I decided what I am going to do for my a continuing post…and that would be, a story! Originally I was going to post the story on Fridays, but upon observation, I think Thursday is the best night to do so. 997 more words


Impatience Kills a Writer

I got a huge break with my legal thriller, Gray Street. I attracted an agent for it, Michael Levine. Michael is an ex-law firm partner and Chairman of Westwood Creative Artists, the biggest literary agency in Canada. 874 more words

Thursday 31 July 2014

So today I had plans on a piece I had written about Epilepsy and then my computer went a bit funny on Facebook, it kept flicking pages and consistently took me to one that I hadn’t been on in a while. 1,264 more words