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Isak Dinesen

April 17, 1885:

Isak Dinesen is born

Karen Dinesen, Baroness Blixen-Finecke, better known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, is born in Rungsted, Denmark. Dinesen’s memoir, Out of Africa, helped demystify the Dark Continent for millions of readers. 195 more words


On Becoming a Novelist

If I ever get to be a writing professor, this will probably be the first book that I’ll give to my students. It’s not a conventional writing guide by any means, which is mainly what makes it so enjoyable to read. 280 more words

Lolingo's Kung Fu Preview

I’m not gonna often post snippets here because they can be misleading and often don’t end up going anywhere, but anyone that tuned in the Grime special on TNS the other week would have heard this fiiiiiiiire producky from Lolingo at the end of Logan Sama’s set with the always skengy Novelist. 31 more words



His friends all said they loved the way he wrote,
When they read his poems and short stories.
The characters were alive, the readers felt as they’d emote. 234 more words

Courage Times Three

 I just wanted to tell you that I finished your beautiful book- yes- it is courage times 3 for these ladies
to come off World War II and in so many round about ways- to meet their family again.   141 more words

Conglomeration Of Posties

'The Heart of the Matter' by Graham Greene. A novel about happiness or conflict?

‘The Heart of the Matter’ is typical Graham Greene. It is quite heavy on plot, contains a lot of action, and depends on a remarkable location for some of the atmosphere. 212 more words