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A Vile Doohickey

Hello internet!  I am Robert “Electric Nigma” Neuman, and this, A Vile Doohickey is my seventh novella, which I am very happy to be releasing here, for free.   147 more words


Storming the Castle (pt 3) (2010)

Finn and Matt stood outside Satyrane Hall a couple hours later, trying to figure out how to get in. It was almost worse than the castle in the woods. 1,569 more words


Weekend Writing Warrior - 12/21/14

Happy holidays, my friends! I cannot believe this year is winding down already. I want to thank you all for reading and sharing with me, so I may have a little something up my, ahem, stocking. 326 more words


Blog 82: The Apple Picker's Daughter - 'a perfect tale for anyone who ever felt different'

Novel of childhood The Apple Picker’s Daughter has received its first review – a 5-star one at Amazon UK, entitled ‘A perfect tale for anyone who ever felt different.’ So I’m very thrilled about that! 235 more words


The Linnea trilogy

The Linnea trilogy (my term) is composed of the following books by Katarina Mazetti:

20th Century

Valley of Shadows-Chapter Four

Joshua awoke with a start, then sighed and turned off his alarm clock.  He was glad to be back in the realm of consciousness.  His nightmare had been so real that it frightened him.  2,026 more words


New Sci Fi - Adrift on a Sea of stars

“The crews of three starships arrive at nearby stars to discover that during their long interstellar voyage, Earth had stopped transmitting.”

For those who regularly check my blog, no I haven’t quit.  65 more words