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Eight Against Utopia

Eight Against Utopia is the first (I am reasonably certain) novel by Douglas R. Mason.  It was published in 1967 under this title.  A year prior, this novel was published under the title… 772 more words


Nanowrimo and the Ksenia Anske Three Month Challenge

I’ve been participating in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) for the past four years or so, though I do so unofficially. I don’t actually submit anything for Nanowrimo, I just use it as an excuse to get myself to write more for that month than I would normally. 1,973 more words


Be Insulted by a French Robot via Google Translate

I copied and pasted some text from a WIP novel into Google Translate to see how the text-to-speech would sound.

It sounded exactly as expected in English: a robotic female voice, with some robot pronunciation quirks. 123 more words



I recently received by mail the second half of The Resistance manuscript from my sister-in-law and editor Caitlin Vander Meulen/Lloyd. It came in a package similar to the package I had previously sent it in to her, but the double-spaced, printed pages were full of marks for corrections and suggestions. 308 more words


LADIES' MAN (Novel, 1978)

Richard Price’s novels can be roughly divided into three phases. The first phase includes 1974’s The Wanderers and 1976’s Bloodbrothers, semi-autobiographical tales of teenage Italians growing up in the Bronx. 1,081 more words

Richard Price

The God of Small Things

I’ve just finished reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. As soon as I put the book down I said to myself that I needed a drink. 382 more words


Book Preview - The Sweetness by Sande Boritz Berger

In her upcoming novel, The Sweetness, Sande Boritz Berger looks at the impact of World War II and the Holocaust on a Jewish family living in New York. 602 more words

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