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WIPpet Wednesday - Butter Knife

Hi! *waves enthusiastically* My brain is more or less dead after dealing with a big UGH today, so I’ll dispense with the usual formalities. Things be thus: 508 more words


Chapter 8

Chapter VIII

I followed Vea’ayr and Brindel through the long hallway until reaching a corridor which angled up through the middle of the ship, directly over the engine room and the garden below it.  3,806 more words

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Chapter 6

Chapter VI

“We need to wait Vea’ayr, if she goes now, she won’t be ready.  She needs to rest, recover, grieve, and be given a full breakdown of the role she is being asked to play.  3,218 more words

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Chapter 1

Chapter I

Looking through the window of my room at the forbidden planets which Station 000402 (Fortitude to inhabitants) patrol, a single tear rolled down my soft, pale cheek.  5,146 more words

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Chapter 2

Chapter II

I could feel my skin heating up and knew I had to suppress my natural instincts to let my subconscious take over.  I closed my eyes and thought of my night time walks, of my father letting me ride on his back as he glided through the free fields, the rich, oxygen-producing ecosystem maintained at the highest level of the station.  5,784 more words

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Chapter 3

Chapter III

Dear Sha’ayr,          

I had hoped to hand this letter to you myself, but circumstance got in the way.  I wove this parchment myself and encoded it so the words would only appear to someone who shares my genetic make-up.  8,721 more words

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Chapter 4

Chapter IV

“Alright, the beginning.  I am telling you this in confidence and secrecy with a level of trust you do not yet understand, so please give me your word that what I tell you will remain between us and only us.”  I looked up at him and very authoritatively said, “You have my word.”  He reached one of his hands into his satchel, pulled out a canteen, filled it from the surprisingly clear pond beside him, and took a long drink. 4,225 more words

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