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WIPpet Wednesday - Decision

Okay. So, the overwhelming vote last week was for either this snippet, or both. Both would be a bit long for one post, but for those truly interested, I posted… 591 more words


My Favorite

Okay. For those of you who wanted to see my favorite scene (thus far) of Queen of Bears, here it is.

When she woke up one morning to find the icicles on her roof dripping, she decided to celebrate their survival.

983 more words

WIPpet Wednesday - Butter Knife

Hi! *waves enthusiastically* My brain is more or less dead after dealing with a big UGH today, so I’ll dispense with the usual formalities. Things be thus: 508 more words


Chapter 8

Chapter VIII

I followed Vea’ayr and Brindel through the long hallway until reaching a corridor which angled up through the middle of the ship, directly over the engine room and the garden below it.  3,806 more words

Novels (In Progress)

Chapter 6

Chapter VI

“We need to wait Vea’ayr, if she goes now, she won’t be ready.  She needs to rest, recover, grieve, and be given a full breakdown of the role she is being asked to play.  3,218 more words

Novels (In Progress)

Chapter 1

Chapter I

Looking through the window of my room at the forbidden planets which Station 000402 (Fortitude to inhabitants) patrol, a single tear rolled down my soft, pale cheek.  5,146 more words

Novels (In Progress)

Chapter 2

Chapter II

I could feel my skin heating up and knew I had to suppress my natural instincts to let my subconscious take over.  I closed my eyes and thought of my night time walks, of my father letting me ride on his back as he glided through the free fields, the rich, oxygen-producing ecosystem maintained at the highest level of the station.  5,784 more words

Novels (In Progress)