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WIPpet Wednesday - More Faerie Blood Backstory

Hi! So, um, been perusing what I have for Troy and… Yeah. The First Draft is officially demoted to Notes. Mostly because I can’t find many of my notes. 685 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Character Exercise

Hello all! I wasn’t going to WIPpet this week, and I’m so late I doubt many of you will find me, but here I am after all. 955 more words


50K Death Race Has Come to an End

Wow! I crawled to the finish line again. On the very last day, I had a whopping 6k to pound out to earn that banner above. 374 more words

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WIPpet Wednesday - The Techy

So, I’m thinking I was going through one of my “emulate Dickens” phases when I was writing this. I love the way he described characters.  I know a lot of people don’t like him because they consider him wordy, and yeah, sometimes, but his characters are so well drawn, they’re consistently presented in more or less the same way regardless of who’s producing the adaptation. 349 more words


In the Buff: Tangled in Time, NaNo 2014 Part 2

This year I’m doing two novellas for NaNo instead of one full length novels. Both are part of my Beowulf Hollow Series. So, again, I present to you the first 1667 words or so of the rough draft of… 1,569 more words

Novels In Progress

WIPpet Wednesday - And So It Begins

The world-building and backstory ensues. It’s okay if you want to groan aloud. I’d like it if a few of you stuck around to comment, but I honestly won’t blame you if you read that first sentence and wanted to go hide under your bed. 504 more words


Sneak Peek: Rumpled Between the Sheets

I’m roaring on NaNo. My progress is to the right in the side bar. My project this year is the next two in my Beowulf Hollow series for Evernight’s Naughty Fairytales line. 1,772 more words

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