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10 Books

If you read books and you’ve been on social media lately, then you’ll probably have seen a thing floating around where you write a list of 10 books that have been particularly influential or meaningful, and tag 10 people to pass the list on to. 1,526 more words

Bad Fall - Part 97

Frank’s back in the hospital. Soon, a young woman comes out asking for Frank’s family.

“I’m Doctor Frampton. He’s doing fine. He’ll need to be here overnight so we can keep an eye on him, but he’s doing amazingly well. 832 more words

Dellani Oakes

Just a little bit of what I have.

Animal Inside

This is my story, it’s not a pretty one, but it’s mine. Had I know the future held this in store for me; I probably never would have died in the first place. 1,038 more words


How many times can our emotions be tied to someone else’s – be pulled and stretched and twisted – before they snap? Before they can never be mended again?
– Anna and the French Kiss

10 most memorable books

My friend, Ellen Gregory, listed her 10 most memorable books the other day and it got me thinking about what my list would be.  Like Ellen, I could happily have a genre specific list and I could easily have a kid’s books list,  or a history books list.  454 more words


Update: Reading Nerd Contest

I’m thinking I’m in a bit of trouble.

Last May I had the brilliant idea to enact a draft of “important” books with several other high school teachers. 439 more words