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I Am Not a Blogger

Oh, hello there. Come on in. Kick off your shoes. Have a seat. Slide those leather-bound books off of the sturdy oak chair that I made myself and take a load off. 386 more words


The Antic Ant Farmer

Excerpts from CHAPTER EIGHT

He had been sitting motionless when the priest came and shoved him gently. He asked, “What is the matter, my boy?” 2,164 more words


From No Country for Old Men (the book ya dig)

‘I shouldn’t ought to of said that.

You didn’t say nothing wrong.

You’d say that anyways.

That’s my job.

Bell smiled. You wouldn’t tell me if I was in the wrong? 101 more words



A reference/homage to Portland’s own, Gus Van Sant in DOGS IN THE DISTANCE. Name that film!


Everything was green. Intense. Vibrant. The sun reflected off the wet grass as the kids walked across it. 1,916 more words

First 100 Books

Goals of 2k15

The following is my list of projects for the upcoming year! So keep an eye out, I’ll be updating my Facebook page with releases. Elliot Warren on Facebook. 279 more words

Our second video!

I included written comments on language, very few, because Paco rarely makes a pronunciation mistake! I hope you enjoy it! We do! ;) :D <3

Oral Presentations

Linwood Barclay

If Harlan Coben didn’t exist, I’d probably enjoy Linwood Barclay’s stories of an everyday man who loves his family but gets caught up in escapades beyond his job title. 11 more words