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Count This

I just finished up my first draft of the long-gestating Bardsworth novel! What a great feeling it is to finish a manuscript. It’s been a while! 644 more words

Pete's Writing

iRead: (10) Great Expectations.

Kindly please check out my review on The Bookaholic Nation >> Great Expectations: Discussions and reviews..

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A Faerie in a Purple Dress: Chapter 3


Ashes of the Past


“You found the children!” The mayor exclaimed as we ushered all the children inside a house that was about as warm as this village would get. 2,093 more words


Outlander Hiatus = Time to Write

It’s been quite a while since I actually posted new, and original, content. I apologize for that, Dear Readers, but sometimes life just takes hold and won’t let go.   568 more words

Reading In General

Great Expectations: Discussions and reviews.

Caution: Possible spoilers!

I’m happy that my first encounter with this book was years after high school, for most of the teens I know seem to have tossed the book away, unaware of the literary treasures lying in underneath its words. 310 more words

Book Club

Write Two Books in a Month!

Last week was a pretty awesome week. Since I’ve started my second year of college, I’ve been diving into my classes. Naturally, as a writer, I love my creative writing class the most and I excel. 386 more words

NaNoWriMo 2014!

So who’s up for doing NaNoWriMo with me this year?

This will be my third year, and I use October as a time to plant the seeds for November writing. 194 more words