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Wildlife Cupcakes

I usually make one big cake for my nieces’ birthday parties, however, this year I decided to make a ton of cupcakes and then use them to create various forms of… 47 more words

Novelty Cakes

..."No, I'm the other sister...!!!"

Just to set the scene – I am the┬ábaby of four children. I have two older brothers and one older sister – you note how I’m telling you now I am the youngest as my sister and I often get “which one of you is older?” – never good for my pride!!! 363 more words


Add a little magic to your child's life...

Beautiful Charlie monkeying around with Magic Tony!

Novelty Cakes

Day three, Return of the King

Yesterday we ended with Sauron’s eye being painted, Mount Doom done and the front of Bag End pretty much finished. Sunday was the day of the party so we only wanted to have the finickity bits left to do. 707 more words

Bag End

Day two, the assemble

We left off yesterday with most of the cakes being baked and the grass covering the ‘Shire’ part of the cake. Having been at work all day around cake the LAST thing I wanted to do was look at anymore butter cream but, alas, the cake beckoned. 621 more words