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Who doesn’t love Doctor Who?  Apparently it’s very popular with 13 year old boys.

Constructed from only one 23cm square mudcake, this cake was a lot simpler than I imagined.

Hope you enjoyed it Josh!

Novelty Cakes


Every little girl’s desire, a cake which you can eat and play with.  The cake is made with a large Dolly Varden pan.  Ensure you knock out any air bubbles in your batter or a large one can form inside the cake when baking (this is from experience!).

Novelty Cakes

A delightful little minion...

This little guy brings a smile to my face every time I look at him.

Made from three 10cm round cakes, he managed to feed 15 hungry eight year olds easily.

Novelty Cakes

Dinosaur Adventure

There is nothing more rewarding than a happy client. This dinosaur cake was made for Lucas on his 5th birthday. All set with dinosaur bones and pterodactyl’s.

Creative Cakes