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MRI Shows ‘Princess Ukok’ Suffered From Breast Cancer

NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA—MRI scans of ‘Princess Ukok,’ the mummified remains of a Pazyryk woman who was buried in the permafrost of the Altai Mountains 2,500 years ago, show that she suffered from breast cancer. 118 more words


Giant 'Spasibo' Murals for Putin's Birthday

For those of my readers who wanted to hear more about Putin, this just in. For the first time, Putin took a real day off on his 62nd birthday on October 7 and used it to spend some time alone with nature. 208 more words


On The Anti-NATO Protest and Nostalgia

A couple of days ago I decided to stop by the Anti-NATO protest upon my grandmother’s recommendation. It was advertised as a concert in support of Donbass, and appeared in local newspapers. 267 more words