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Rosie Steels #17

Previously on Rosie Steels: First, I need to put back that damn box. I can feel it burning in my bag. Now or never. 353 more words

Rosie Steels

Every UK Number One Song: Now Or Never

I have a playlist that contains every UK number one song since charts began in 1952. Thanks to EveryHit, this is a fairly simple process. 73 more words


Now or Never!

After rudely walking out of Njaan, Akila and I raced to the theatre that was screening Now or never. Akila told me that it was a romantic thriller and that it was a good movie. 221 more words

Now What?

Welcome to NOW WHAT?, a lifestyle/how-to/inspiration-seeking guide for navigating life from the mid-point onwards.

Now What? is the phase that can signal that moment in time when many of us begin to think that maybe, just maybe, the road that stretches before us may not be endless, and maybe, just maybe, we should pack maximum living into our bags as we hit that road. 350 more words

I used that word all the time, once upon a time. That, and ‘far out’ and ‘outtasight.’  That last will happen soon enough.

And let’s face it, we are kind of  bitchen:  our demographic is unlike any that’s come before.   528 more words

Heights of competing! After Biffes...

Akila and I had just watched Now or Never and stepped out of the theatre at Fun Cinemas, Cunningham road. The Bangalore international film festival was being held there and it was the third day. 466 more words

now or never

I feel like if i don’t start now, i’ll never will. I’m one of those, a 7, that’s who i am- people knowing the enneagram will understand, some say a 9 but 7 and me we’ve always had a thing going on so 7 it is i believe. 337 more words