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No words necessary.

Apart from … i find this intriguing


This was a lovely day to change into sandles. I have them on now. My feet fit in my orange sandles, and they look perky.

I love my sandals, , but I haven’t wore them lately. The weather has been too cold, and I have worn my closed flat shoes. I have my sandals on now, and I am at home. 92 more words



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"The time is coming when everyone dead and buried will hear his voice." ~~Jesus

Jesus lives. He is resurrected. God is a God of resurrection. We live a resurrected life with Him. That is His promise to us.

Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good. 147 more words

God Thoughts

"Where did the time go?"

It is often said that time goes faster the older you get.

One thought as to why is we stop experiencing things for the first time. 292 more words

Musings On Life


Every now and then you inadvertently meet someone. Someone you never thought you’d speak to. Or a person you would opt not to have anything to do with. 123 more words

April 19 - My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 109 - The Present Moment

Today I am grateful for the present moment.

It’s all we have, really. The past is just a memory of moments gone by. The future, only a picture of an anticipated moment, a possibility, to be determined by our choices. 261 more words