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If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that matters to you then you know how this feels! There is nothing more satisfying, I think. 45 more words

Natural Bridge Two

At lunch my daughter tells me about a game called “Telephone.”  She says it takes a lot of people to play, but I wonder if it just takes one. 3,395 more words



Things seem simpler now

in my seventh decade:
truth flows more fluently
into beauty
beauty into compassion
compassion flows
into being
into presence and… 28 more words


Weekend in the Aleutians

Ever wondered what it’s like halfway out the Aleutian Peninsula? There’s more to Dutch Harbor than Deadliest Catch. 3 hours by turboprop lands you halfway out the Aleutian Island chain, where eagles and fishermen dominate this large island, one of America’s most profitable fishing ports. Read more here.


Found on Reddit: The incredible sinking Jeep

From today’s Found On Reddit file, we have a heartbreaking  tale — or a sidesplitting one depending on your perspective — of a Jeep driver who had a very bad day on a beach in Steveston. 122 more words


Waking Dreams


   Written just before my return to Canada in 2012, this story is longer as it was originally two posts. It illustrates my deeper commitment toward personal freedom and pursuit of the liberty I experienced from such adventures. 1,437 more words

Rock Climbing