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Dyer's Woad Seedpods

Along County Road 87 near Adin CA (Modoc County) fields infested with dyer’s woad (Isatis tinctoria) that earlier in the season were a riot of yellow now are a dark brown, looking almost as though a wildfire has passed through. 220 more words

Nature Photography

Orange Hawkweed

Orange hawkweed is a member of the sunflower family.  It is also known as the devil’s paintbrush, orange paintbrush and the red daisy.

It is an aggressive flower that can grow in many places.  36 more words


Flower of the Day: Horse Nettle

 Solanum carolinense; Solanaceae  (nightshade family)

Not really a nettle, despite its common name, but closely related to potato (Solanum tuberosum) and eggplant ( 132 more words

Rule #3 - If they don't eat it, remove it!

Here we see Amber peacefully laying in a patch of daisies -

Pretty, no? Sadly, these flowers cover fully 2/3 of the pasture and the alpacas won’t go near them. 455 more words


In Defense of the Weeds!

Ouch! You don’t have to pull so hard…Oh no! Not my beautiful blossoms…You’re not just going to throw that away, are you? Roots and all? If only we could hear our weeds speaking to us, they might sway our opinion of their usefulness. 1,004 more words


Pretty Weeds!

While researching the name of this ‘wildflower,’ I quickly discovered it falls in the category of noxious weed in some states. Musk thistle may be a noxious weed but I thought it was interesting enough to photograph. 147 more words

Big Bertha's Adventures

Weed alert: State warns of toxic Grecian foxglove

State officials are asking residents to keep their eyes peeled for Grecian foxglove, a noxious weed that has made a foothold in the eastern part of Minnesota. 335 more words