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I Tried It: The November Project

If you’re unfamiliar with the November Project, it’s a pretty cool concept. Two dudes in Boston wanted to make sure they stayed motivated to exercise through the cold and bleary winter, so they challenged each other to workout together throughout the whole month of November. 770 more words

Around Merthyr Tydfil

I’d reported Agent Jeff’s work over in south Wales on a previous post – he’s done very good work in SA, you can see his progress… 433 more words

Monkey Puzzle

[Edit/Trường thiên] Bạo quân - Chương 83

Chương 83

“Được rồi. Ta không cần các ngươi giúp đỡ, toàn bộ lui ra cho ta!”. Qua hết hành lang gấp khúc, Thanh Linh Tú kéo tay về, đuổi hết đoàn cung nữ không thể tín nhiệm này đi. 793 more words

Cung đình



Marie Lyon is one of thousands of women given Primodos on the NHS in the 1960s and 70s.

Her daughter Sarah, now 43, was born with a left arm that failed to form below the elbow. 102 more words


[Edit/Trường thiên] Bạo quân - Chương 82

Chương 82

Suy nghĩ không khỏi trở lại lúc trước…

“Hoàng Thượng vạn tuế!”. Nàng quỳ ở đó, chưa từng ngẩng đầu. Nàng biết, nếu chủ tử không cho đứng lên, nàng vẫn phải như vậy tiếp tục quỳ. 897 more words

Cung đình

Recognizing and Celebrating Nurses at AIDS2014 by Carole Treston

Since the start of the epidemic, nurses have compassionately stepped up to care for patients when the best we could do was perhaps just comfort and be with them. 479 more words


Manic Depression

A video monologue

I got to thinking after hearing that Robin Williams took his own life.  I want to help others learn to overcome their own pain as I have learned to overcome mine.  30 more words