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HIV and Aging

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day was this week.  It is estimated that by next year, more than half of people living with HIV in the United States will be 50 years old or greater. 364 more words


Scythe of Ice (dotA 2)

Looks like I finally went full ‘yolo’ mode and spent $78 on the Scythe of Ice. Goodbye money :(

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[Edit/Trường thiên] Bạo quân - Chương 86

Chương 86

Máu nhiễm đầy thân…

Thanh Linh Tú suy yếu quỳ rạp trên mặt đất, hai mắt cho dù đã mất đi tiêu cự vẫn cố gắng ngăn cản. 696 more words

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P NP #P #P-Hard




the class P consists of all those decision problems (defined below) that can be solved on a deterministic sequential machine in an amount of time that is… 232 more words


Yup. 370 monkeys in the catalogue… we’re planning to reach 500 by Christmas, so keep keeping your eyes peeled everyone! Here’s the latest ‘batch’. First from my trip down to the ‘soft South’ (as reported on Ronnie’s blog… 657 more words

Monkey Puzzle

[Edit/Trường thiên] Bạo quân - Chương 85

Chương 85


Trải qua lâu như vậy, y còn tin tưởng Hoàng thúc sao?

Thanh Linh Tú hoàn toàn không biết, y từ lâu đã không còn tin Hoàng thúc, cũng sớm cùng hắn đoạn tuyệt. 873 more words

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Chapter Chit-Chat: Baton Rogue

In addition to our three business meetings this year, the Baton Rouge Chapter (BRANIAC) has been working to educate and network with providers in our community and to recruit new members! 227 more words