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Node.js in 20 Minutes

Edmond Meinfelder introduces how to receive and send HTTP requests, streams, clusters and flow control with promises and async. He covers the basics of NPM and this exciting JavaScript framework.


Package Managers Save Time. That Means Money!

Lets set the scene.  You are creating an awesome interactive website and so you have to download some frameworks.  There’s jQuery, then jQuery UI, perhaps Bootstrap, and don’t forget CSS Reset!   149 more words


restcat - mongoose and express restful api

Restcat is a restful api depended on mongoose and express, which is developed by me, and I am still maintaining it. If you have ever used tastypie of django before, you would find that restcat is kind of similar with tastypie, because I am inspired by it. 19 more words


The Fiendish 100 BUG-gy Maze

Bad news for Su Doku Master Wayne Gould. Fiendish 100, the only “Fiendish” of our Train Your Brain Su Doku Fiendish review to survive line marking, is found to have at least 15 solutions. 572 more words


First Major Version of isbndbjs released

Published the first major version of isbndbjs(a Node.js SDK for isbndb.com) today. Version 1.0.2 is ready to use.

Exposed the Author API for usage. 14 more words


Katya Talanova for Friederich Herman Fall/Winter 2014

Katya Talanova of DAMN!inc fronts her second campaign for Friederich Herman’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Andre Wiredja of NPM gets to the action behind the camera, delivering shots full of gorgeous colors.

Katya Talanova

Building a web service with Node.js in Visual Studio Part 5: npm and Express.js basics


In the previous post we discussed the absolute basics of a Node web application. It really didn’t have a lot of functions: it listened to every single incoming request and responded with some properties of the request. 1,413 more words