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Choosing Paper Over Pixels: Why We Still Scrapbook

With the end of the old year and the dawn of the new year, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of “Year in Review” posts floating through your Facebook newsfeeds. 440 more words

From Jeanette

Easy Docker Deployments Using Tutum API

Tutum is a container platform that enables easy management of docker-backed services on node clusters running on platforms such as Digital Ocean, AWS,  and Azure. You can also use… 1,257 more words


Node.js - List all available versions of node package

npm view  versions

For example, i would like to list the available version of the bootstrap-switch package.

npm view bootstrap-switch versions

Done =)

Web Development

Using Npm packages with Meteor and the TrueSkill Player Rating System

In my first blogpost I introduced the game, nettwhist, which have been developing as a side-project using the Meteor platform. The focus of that blogpost was how to do a backup of a meteor application deployed to… 1,665 more words


Highlight This Year’s Faves with Year >> Noted

We know you’ve raved over the spunky B&T paper and the exclusive pastel cardstock pieces of the Year >> Noted paper kit, but have you noticed the kit’s amazing stamp set? 607 more words



I installed proxy through youtunel.com

added npm to system %PATH%

npm config get proxy http://localhost:8082/

– set to use http instead of https

npm config set strict-ssl false… 23 more words


Chasing Rainbows

Ever since the Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) was introduced on the IBM PC in 1981, we’re no longer content with the eerie green glow of a monochromatic console.   249 more words