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Neoliberal identities: students as customers

Neo-liberalism is about both money and minds. Stephen J. Ball (2012, p.3)
Higher education (HE) is immersed into society and as such, shaped and reshaped over time due to changes that occur in that society. 953 more words

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Integration of 'Jasmine' with 'Webstorm'

Hey guys,

It’s time to have some hands-on with unit testing !!!

Unit testing is one of the key features while developing any application weather it would be a server side code or client side and ‘Jasmine’ is one of the leading framework to test an angularJS application.So today we will walk through integrating ‘Jasmine’ with ‘WebStorm’.Of course, we should have ‘node.js’ installed on our machine that’s the prerequisite thing for this as you know.

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'New Public Managerialism' in Youth Work

For anyone working in education today, the spread of managerialism is pretty much a fact of life. Indeed, for anyone working in the public sector, chances are, they will be working under its influence. 1,424 more words


New Meteor Platform: a single reactive JavaScript codebase Solution

Top-shelf applications in 2014 have come a long way from their roots in the page-based web. The best apps use modals, popups, transitions, notifications, and other modern interface elements. 246 more words


Node Tuts - Episode VI - Third-party Modules and NPM

How Node Uses node_modules. Managing sub-dependencies. Introducing NPM. Using NPM To Search For a Module. Installing a Module Using NPM. Managing Globally Installed Modules. Using package.json To Manage Your Dependencies.


DevOps at npm: scaling the registry

At the beginning of the year, the npm registry was unstable & often down. Today it’s serving 18 million package downloads per day, with much more traffic for package metadata. 51 more words


Tighter integration with the npm CLI

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We now return only private package metadata for “list” routes. These routes (e.g. http://registry.npmjs.org/-/all) interact with thenpm search command. This works by using your Nodejitsu… 27 more words