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It's Okay to Die Poor (But Who the Heck Was Milton?)

Don’t you just love an ancient oracle with history and mystery served up in rhyming little stanzas?

Say, “Yes Janna. Indeed I do love such wonderful things.” 212 more words


digging a hole in dark dirt: rocky and dry
adding the right mix of peat and water
roots and a tiny twig to satisfy
nutrients fed constantly to the squatter… 109 more words


My Sweet Child

In heaven I’m looking down on you,
My sweet child, while you are still on earth,
I’m watching as you go through life
Dealing with the hurt… 178 more words


pretty wrappings
gift disclosed
shiny, exciting, beautiful
gilded, yes
inside shows difference
hollow, vacant, vain
vain, vacant, hollow
difference shows inside
yes gilded
beautiful, exciting, shiny… 36 more words


Under Pressure - NPM #15

Watch out its gong to blow?
Hear the warning, it’s letting you know
Feel the intensity, see it grow
It might be a whistle
steam, fizzing or sizzle… 67 more words


Poetry - NPM #14

Acrostic or Epic
Limerick vs Lyric
Quatrain and Cinquain
Anagram before Slam
What type will I write today?

Written in response to prompt on Garnet Portrait’s 30 Day Prose & Poetry Prompt Spectacular: … 7 more words


Embarrassed - NPM #13

He wanted to sound smart
Speak the story stored in his heart
Nervous breathing right from the start
Memorizing his one and only part
He said court instead of cart… 72 more words