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India Slams Novartis Yet Again

Boy, Novartis just can’t seem to catch a break with Indian regulators. Everyone and their mother knows the issues they had with getting Gleevec to be recognized as an innovative drug for patent protection in India, and failing miserably. 408 more words


NFL & FCC: Not just losing the case, losing a little control

Tough day for the NFL. Tough month, actually. Maybe a tough year.

Two separate harbingers of bad news hit the league today: The FCC ended its endorsement of blackout rules for games that don’t sell out, while separately, a brain injury group objected to parts of the proposed $765 million settlement for concussion-related injuries. 730 more words


On a dirt road in Beal City, Mich. it is common to run into a farm, family run and operated with a long line of history that makes it what it is today. 683 more words


India's drug price control regime just pulled off a logic defying move

India’s drug price control agency is jumping through hoops to make a bad decision look good. In the process it is sending terrible signals to the industry and to the broader world about fairness and efficacy of India’s regulatory regime. 638 more words