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Crowding the Planet Blog Post

NPPA 1st Place Winner 2013

This blog post I decided to check out award an award winning multimedia packages. The package I found was by the LA Times and in the package it had photo, video and text. 120 more words

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Picture Story - 2014 What We Do

Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions!

First Place

Bound by Joe Philipson


Push a button. A buzzer disengages the locks to a large metal door. 2,692 more words


Portrait/Illustration Category - 2014 What We Do

This category is defined as “a photograph that is contrived, posed or otherwise set-up in any way. Digital and photographic manipulation is allowed. A photograph may be used as source material for the conceptual illustration, or the photograph may be totally artificially produced. 302 more words


News Category - 2014 What We Do

A news photograph is defined as “a photograph from a news event, social issue for which planning was possible, or breaking news or unplanned event taken in the course of daily coverage.” 158 more words


Sports Action Category - 2014 What We Do

Congratulations to our winners and honorable mention!

First Place, Rugile Kaladyte

Second Place, Tom Brenner

Third Place, Flannery Allison


Honorable Mention, Josh Barber

www.joshbarber.com… 210 more words


Sports Feature Category - 2014 What We Do

“A photograph that increases understanding and appreciation for individual and team sports or celebrates the role athletics play in the lives of amateur and/or professional athletes and fans.” is a sports feature. 245 more words


Photos of Spring Break & Week Nine 4/4/14

Congratulations to Josh Barber for winning  first place and being tied for second with Sarah Ann Jump!

Honorable Mentions:

Photo Of The Week