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Nuclear Weapon Politics: Away from the World of Treaties, back to the Balance-of-Power?

Not that the balance-of-power has ever ended, when it comes to nuclear weapons politics. But it seems that after some steps forward, we are now going back again. 975 more words


International norms grow against nuclear weapons in spite of Obama

Despite having made nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament a centerpiece of his early foreign policy after coming to office six years ago, President Obama is now… 1,933 more words

International Law

Iran And Its Nuclear Endgame


What was once considered as cooperation between the two nations US and Iran, later turned into an international tension-causing issue. It all began in the 1950s, where everybody sought to help Iran in developing and assisting with nuclear technology, which is exactly what the US did through their program “ 1,227 more words

'The World Around' With Anant Mishra

Bố = Bạn + Người dẫn đường

Cảm ơn bố, đã buông tay cho con được tự do! 263 more words


Try & It's my life

Đã nhiều lần rơi nước mắt khi nghe và xem clip TRY (Colbie Caillat), IT’S MY LIFE (Bon Jovi) nhưng chiều nay đã khóc không kìm nén được khi nghe hai bài này kề nhau, chỉ hai bài này thôi… 3,142 more words


Em, 25 - Ver 3.0

Viết cho em này, cô gái – ngày em quyết định rời AIST. Nhẹ nhàng, quyết định đến như ắt nó phải đến!

“Trái tim bảo gì thì nghe nấy, cãi nó làm gì, có thắng rồi cũng thành thua thôi”. 310 more words


Gamechanger? Austria Pledges to Seek Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons

At an international conference this week on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons in Vienna, Austria issued a pledge to “fill the legal gap for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons” and “cooperate with all stakeholders to achieve this goal.” 454 more words

Humanitarian Law