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Please write to all the NRC Commissioners in support of the Chairperson MacFarlane idea to update the NRC Regs in a effort to make it clear for all Plant owners and the public on the decommissioning process for nuclear plants and the handling of “HBF” (high burn fuel). 147 more words


Notes from David G. Victor SCE/CEP Chairman

Here are two important notes from David G. Victor SCE/CEP chairman.  Reading these carefully will give you insight into David’s understanding and misconceptions of how Southern California should proceed with the decommissioning of SONGS and it’s new life as a Nuclear Waste Dump, and how in the world to work with the NRC. 50 more words


Research Journal #19

In the selection “Learning and Transfer” different processes of learning are discussed and measured. The author discusses how learning is developed and states that the context in which learning is developed contributes to its transfer.The ability to transfer learning is defined as “the ability to extend what has been learned in one context to new contexts (e.g., Byrnes, 1996:74)” (NRC,pg. 322 more words

Looking For Better Ways to Determine Severe Weather Hazards

Thomas Nicholson
Senior Technical Advisor
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The NRC staff evaluates flood hazards when we review applications for new nuclear facility sites. In addition, we re-examine flooding at operating nuclear power plants — a result of what we learned from the 2011 tsunami flooding at Fukushima Dai-ichi in Japan. 387 more words


Nigerian Reunion Convention, Atlanta GA.

LasGiiDi will be performing at The NRC Convention alongside TripleMG in Atlanta, GA on Friday the 4th of July.


Tracing How Radioactive Materials Are Used in Research

Betsy Ullrich
Sr. Health Physicist
Region I

Scientists have been using radioactive materials in research nearly as long as they’ve known there were radioactive materials. 314 more words


Waking Up Kismet

Every morning

(no matter the night you had, at some point YOU decide it is morning and YOU “begin” the day as opposed to “continue the night in2 the daylight” (which usually comes with a wake-and-bake, but i digress), or something to that effect) 184 more words