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This startup is using a 'carbon honeycomb' to capture carbon emissions

Will a honeycomb-like material made of carbon be able to break open the market for capturing carbon emissions from power plants? A Canadian startup called… 902 more words

NRG Energy

Cleaner Air Alchemy from NRG Energy

Cleaner air and cheaper energy will be a reality with a carbon recapture project on a Houston-area power generation plant, called “Petra Nova.” Alchemists of old pursued the dream of turning lead into gold, but NRG Energy may have come up with an even better answer: Pulling pollution out of its stacks, and using it to pump more oil out of the ground. 335 more words


How to get off the grid for under $10K

Source: KurzweilAI, July 8, 2014

Inventor Dean Kamen is planning a 2.5 kW home version of his Deka Research Beacon 10 Stirling engine that could provide efficient around-the-clock power or hot water to a home or business, … 105 more words