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The world of the accidental NRI - petrol is cheaper than water

I became an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) by accident rather than any design a few years ago. I had come on a part-time project that ran for about 6 months and eventually I was given the choice to join the time.

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How Narendra Modi made history in New York

There is a great song in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita on Broadway (and in the movie starring Madonna) that explains preparations for Eva Peron’s 1947 “Rainbow Tour” around Argentina, then Europe, to promote her husband and herself as icons of the people. 463 more words

How to win over 20,000 Indians expecting the greatest show on earth

It was a spectacle, for sure.

An adoring crowd of nearly 20,000 applauded and cheered almost unceasingly on cue—and laughed at every punchline, no matter how old (heard the one about the… 277 more words

An NRI's Epiphany

This country is literally, ‘driven’ by idiots.

For people in India, the road is their ancestral playground. We lack basic driving etiquette. Lane discipline and the use of indicators are terms unheard of. 503 more words