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Sand in the Sandwiches - Digging into the archives

 In the massive ranks of plan presses next to the record archive were thousands of survey maps; one a month, overlaid with strong tracing paper, the intersections of a few latitudes and longitudes marked to give it a fix, and every locust report was marked.  421 more words


Sand in the Sandwiches - Science against the locust

 In terms of intervention in locust plagues, there were many aspects of research and activity.  Some focused on lab work in locust biology; seeing how long they could fly without food, how they could be forced to change from solitary to gregarious phase and back again, sometimes with pheromones.  505 more words

Sand In The Sandwiches

Sand in the Sandwiches - Getting used to the customs and the Great Locust Archive

 Mauritania blew away so many of my preconceptions.  Before my arrival, I had always had some concerns about visiting a devoutly Muslim country.  Although I know how to check myself, I am prone to forgetting certain protocols, and it seemed like there were so many in this country compared to others I had been in.  753 more words


Indians abroad and their anti-Indian agendas - Francois Gautier

“What would happen if Indian Americans practised a little bit of … Indian-ness? They would shine, be an example to their fellow Americans, and make India proud. 932 more words


Property guide for NRI





How high are realtors’ and lawyers’ fees in India? What about other property purchase costs?

TRANSACTION COSTS Who Pays? 816 more words

US NRI Investment in India Property

US NRIs are convinced about investing in Indian real estate because of the stability of the central government, positive policies and reforms which are impending. The final guidelines from SEBI for infrastructure investment, fiscal sops in the budget and the REIT or Real Estate Investment trust and increase in affordable housing projects are some of the steps taken by the government which has convinced US NRIs that Indian real estate is set to improve throughout the country. 917 more words

Real Estate

USA-India FATCA Agreement: The NRI tax issue

Finance Budget projected many important changes related to NRI investments and taxation. One of the very important changes that have gone unnoticed by tax experts is that India is preparing to comply with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) of USA. 502 more words