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Acclimation Change, Not A Climate Change

I have noticed recently that people are beginning to wake up a little. The “comfort” in their “comfort zone” is being reassigned and reallocated by someone else, and they are beginning to recognize the ugly truth. 676 more words


NIST, encryption, guards...

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) lacks independence and uncritically adhered to the wishes of US electronic eavesdroppers in releasing a weakened random-number generator in 2006. 98 more words


Is resistance futile?

Like it or not, you are already a cloud consumer. The services being offered through the cloud are growing exponentially – from using email (gmail) for communications, to interacting with family, friends, and colleagues through social media (facebook, twitter, and linkedin). 418 more words

NSA working to repair relationships with U.S. tech firms

The National Security Agency is working to repair its fractured relationship with major tech companies following disclosures by former agency contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA had been secretly pulling data from company servers for surveillance purposes. 671 more words


Snooping on Everyone While the Big Box Thieves Get Busy

“The really scary part is that so little has changed since these revelations began to roll out more than a year ago. The same characters continue to lead the intelligence agencies with the same arrogance we were accustomed to.” 10 more words

Police State


Alex Jones talks with former Navy SEAL and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura about his recent court case and how the mainstream media has assassinated his character.