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Is Christianity A Threat To The National Security State? - Mike Swanson

Revelations over the past week that the NSA has been spying on world leaders are very troubling. NSA chiefs have claimed that they only spy on people that are potential terrorist threats. 212 more words


The Lone Ranger - Up in Arms: Georgia Governor To Sign Controversial Gun Bill Wednesday

“…There was a time when the government and the governed understood that both the common law posited by judges and the statutory law posited by legislators had to find its legitimacy in the natural law posited by their common Creator. 297 more words


Freedom at stake

We may perhaps not have expected it when it was still new, but the internet has become a big part of our life. If you are old enough to remember, you know that in its first years, most people were not ready to put their personal information out there. 244 more words

NSA 101 – The Absolute Basics of NSA Signal Intercept

April 9, 2014 – Jim Stone

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Even mundane household items produce strong radio emissions the NSA can track, which are still far less powerful than the black boxes from flight 370 because all these mundane household items run on tiny batteries, and are not specifically designed to emit anything. 44 more words


Nigerian Sports Award Donates Trophies, Medals for SWAN Cup.

Nigerian Sports Award Supports SWAN Cup, Donates Trophies, Medals

Lagos, Nigeria Tuesday April 22, 2014. In line with its main strategic thrust of rewarding and supporting excellence performance in sports, the organisers of the prestigious Nigerian Sports Award has thrown its weight behind the 2014 edition of the Lagos State Chapter of the Sports Writers’ Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Cup with the donation of all the medals and trophies that will be given out in the competition. 238 more words


Guardian makes simple NSA video

This week I saw on Twitter this video, a simple explanation by The Guardian newspaper about how the National Security Agency actually works. I found it informative and it definitely helped me understand the machanics of the whole surveillance thing a bit better. 288 more words