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Guardian makes simple NSA video

This week I saw on Twitter this video, a simple explanation by The Guardian newspaper about how the National Security Agency actually works. I found it informative and it definitely helped me understand the machanics of the whole surveillance thing a bit better. 288 more words


Our next event!

We’re looking forward to our next event scheduled for Tuesday May 13 at 7:30pm at The Highlander.


How the Snowden, the NSA and Wikileaks have redrawn the line between government confidentiality, public information and personal privacy in the digital age… 75 more words


NSA: a bureaucracy in search of a function

Edward Luttwak, a historian and long-time consultant to the Pentagon on military strategy, wrote an article in the Times Literacy Supplement of London recently arguing that the National Security Agency’s all-encompassing surveillance is simply the result of a bureaucracy looking for a way to justify its existence. 721 more words

National Security Agency

New Policy All But Bans The Intelligence Community From Speaking To The Press

A new policy put in place this March effectively bans members of the U.S. intelligence community from speaking to the media, even when discussing unclassified matters. 443 more words


The Wizardry of NSA's MYSTIC

Wizards are mortals (but sometimes spirits) who study magic, including demonology, and conjure up supernatural powers to do their bidding for good or evil.  They are male witches, for the most part.  398 more words


Change my view on the nsa, vegetables and politicians


Hey , if you somehow found this post, give me a few minutes of your time to changeyourview on why you should still be mad about spying! 321 more words

Change My View

"The Cold War Swap" by Ross Thomas

There is probably no better time than now to read a novel about two NSA employees who have absconded to the Soviet Union and about the US government’s attempts to get them back. 485 more words