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Crypto-Gram, September 2014 (in EPUB and MOBI format)


Crypto-Gram is a famous free monthly newsletter written by the security expert Bruce Schneier. The original is available at Bruce Schneier’s website; this is the same content in MOBI and EPUB format, suitable for e-book readers. 21 more words


Middle-School Dropout Codes Clever Chat Program That Foils NSA Spying - BY KIM ZETTER 09.17.14 | 6:30 AM


The National Security Agency has some of the brightest minds working on its sophisticated surveillance programs, including its metadata collection efforts. But a new chat program designed by a middle-school dropout in his spare time may turn out to be one of the best solutions to thwart those efforts. 496 more words




Take one step forward
And two steps back.
Be sure you are following
The corporate track.
Pay out your earnings
Never give a damn… 185 more words




All people all over the world

Have hopes and needs.

Why can’t we all our best

To wipe out lies and greed?

We need so badly to act… 204 more words


Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move, And There’s A Website To Prove It

  • Remember that scene in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is on the run from the law, but is unable to avoid detection because everywhere he goes there are constant retina scans feeding his location back to a central database?

606 more words

The Matrix

David Bennett: Dirty Politics and Spy Accusations will not impact National in Saturdays election

David Bennett, Hamilton East MP for the National Party believes that the 2014 campaign getting tight is to be expected as Saturdays general election draws near. 593 more words

John Key

The public deserves answers on spying

NZ Stuff
17 September 2014

OPINION: How are authorities to monitor the web and other communications to ensure bad guys don’t use networks for wicked purposes like terrorism, malware, child pornography, money laundering and bank fraud? 543 more words

Big Brother