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My Shoes

Let me start by saying that I had a great weekend personally, but plan wise, I was ridiculous. I didn’t eat one Nutrisystem meal, but I did try to stay close to plan for food choices. 210 more words


Adventures of the Ever Decreasing A1C

I was never so excited to see the envelope from my doctor’s office as I was yesterday! I had my quarterly blood work done on Saturday. 214 more words


(9/11/14) Non Scale Victory!

just had to dig the tie out of the casing of my shorts. I had to tie them because they were falling off! Wahoo!

Also, my jeggings are loose. 21 more words

Blast From The Past

(8/25/14) Was Just Thinking

About goals and stuff like that. About a month ago, when I started this endeavour I bought myself a ‘goal dress’… which is something I don’t usually do. 211 more words

Blast From The Past

(8/18/2014) Sunday Thoughts On Monday Morning

Howdy, Nut here yet again :)

The weekend where I work is just insane for being busy, this weekend doubly so- my job’s yearly Medicaid inspection has been going on all week, so the stress level is doubled. 145 more words

Blast From The Past

Weigh-In Day (Belated)

Weigh-in Day was Friday. Obviously since it’s Monday and I’m just now updating, it wasn’t good. I think it was a 1.2 lb gain. I was pretty frustrated with myself about it, but have let it go now. 337 more words

Day 219: Slow, Slow, SLOW Progress!

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about where you are but where I live fall is starting to arrive. And I am loving it. Warm days, cool nights. 162 more words

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