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NT Wright: Paul the theologian

Yes, it is an hour long, but it is typically excellent NT Wright on Paul as the first theologian and the necessity of theology in the life of the church.


How to Start a Rumor

Stephen Jones has started reading N.T. Wright’s monumental, 800+ page book, The Resurrection of the Son of God. He wonders in his blog, … 170 more words


The Duplicity of Pi

Spoilers to Life of Pi to Follow.

At the end of Life of Pi, Pi Patel sits in a hospital bed in Mexico and tells two stories. 1,394 more words


Rabbi Jesus

Jesus was a Jewish rabbi.

That’s not quite as controversial now as it used to be; it used to be that if someone uttered such a statement then you’d think they were the worst heretic since Marcion.   769 more words

Simon Gathercole Gets It Wright

Andrew Wilson:

Simon Gathercole is one of the brightest New Testament scholars around, as well as being a conservative evangelical, which makes him something of a unicorn. 309 more words


Trinity: 1

The subject of the Trinity seems to cause much confusion. Are we talking about One God, or Three? – surely there is some contradiction here.  How could God be both in Jesus and in Heaven? 706 more words

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