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Timehop has been kind of a cool thing. It’s a relatively new app that lets you look back over the last 5-7 years of your social media history. 703 more words


Temple Clearance: Everything must go!

As we approach Holy Week, we come once more to the story at the centre of all of Christianity. We follow Jesus to Jerusalem, through the adulation of the crowds; we listen once more to the controversies and discussion with the Jewish leaders; we sit and share in bread and wine; we try (but perhaps fail) to keep watch in Gethsemene; we watch in horror at Jesus’ arrest, the sham trials, the fickleness of the crowd, the execution. 901 more words


Lenten Doodlings

There are moments in my life when—if I would have looked up into the clearest night sky—I could have only picked out the voids of darkness between those distant stars. 1,187 more words

Why the Psalms matter

Republished from RELEVANT magazine.

WE ALL love the Psalms. They’re a beautiful, poetic expression of everything from praise to pain to joy.

But sometimes, we can dismiss the Psalms as only beautiful poetry, forgetting that they are meant to be prayed, sung and studied, not just glanced through. 1,035 more words


What Tom Wright Really Said

…about What St Paul Really Said (hereafter WSPRS).

I finished reading Tom Wright’s popular-level WSPRS last night. One of the points I found most delightful and helpful was how Paul’s exploration of God as Trinity (or at least some kind of plurality) didn’t take place over against Jewish monotheism or as playing into the hands of multi-deistic paganism, but instead grew directly from Jewish statements of thought about God’s oneness (eg. 354 more words

Book Review

NT Wright: Christianity Today Interview...

Christianity Today has a front page interview with NT Wright. It is perhaps one of the best interviews/articles I’ve read with or on NT Wright. The treatment of Bultmann by the interviewer is spot on in my opinion but I realise I am in the minority with my views. 40 more words

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