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Maybe the Thought Police Aren't Such a Bad Idea?

Human beings are thinking creatures.  To be sure, we are embodied, and our flesh-and-blood living matters, too.  But while our capacity to think is a quality that separates us from the beasts, this too often goes unused.   509 more words


Does Your Book Tote a Badge?

What with recent discussions here in the home frame, and with added enthusiasm from places about, we, with the quality of a Wurlitzer, bring aboard the added influence of your choosiness ( 950 more words


Advent Musings: Christian Hope

In this season of Advent I’ve been reading, thinking, and praying a lot about the coming of Jesus; both his Incarnation at Christmas and his second-coming for which we wait. 1,121 more words


Message in a Bottle..

News alert. Western Christianity has an image crisis. Not of themselves, but of God.

Hear me out.

The majority of Americans believe in an interventionist type God. 997 more words


The Hurricane Has Become Human

Many people say, “Sure, I believe that Jesus is a great teacher, but I can’t believe what they say about him being God.” That creates a problem, because his teaching is based on his identity claim…Here is how historian N.T. 250 more words


Surprised By Scripture

N.T. Wright — If you have not heard of him by now, you are certainly part of the minority in the Christian (and secular) culture today. 1,005 more words