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"Speak Up!": Why Women Need Not Be Silent in Church

It makes me squirm in my pew.

I’ll sit there in church, everyone’s heads bowed in prayer–and then it’ll come:

“I’d like to call on the men of the congregation to pray.” 994 more words

This is Classic NT Wright !

If you have any doubt that some major theological themes need reworking in our time, read NT Wright’s Justification. It’s an incredibly enjoyable read, and well done. 370 more words

Christian Doctrine

A window on the whole

“Facing the Canon” is a lengthy, but lovely interview with NT (Tom) Wright.

At 15:00 or so, in response to a question about how we should read the Bible “properly,” he responds by saying “we should be reading the whole Bible all the time, but that’s difficult as it’s a very long book.” … 39 more words

Daily Office

Genesis 1-3: Genre and Significance

In my previous post, I discussed the importance of understanding the genre of a text in order to read and interpret it more correctly (I say “more correctly” because it is nearly impossible to interpret a text exactly how it was intended to be understood). 424 more words


Scripture and Authority

From the Internetmonk:

The “authority of Scripture” must be understood within the context of God’s Kingdom and God’s mission to the world. Scripture is a primary means by which God acts in and through his people to bring healing and redemption to all creation.

195 more words

Quick Note on Justification in Wolterstorff

Wolterstorffs take on justification is interesting. Whereas Wright emphasises the fact of God’s covenant faithfulness, Wolterstorff tries to really focus on the content of said faithfulness – namely, the justice of God’s covenant faithfulness. 47 more words


Historical Jesus

N.T. Wright, former bishop of Durham and now at the University of St Andrews, says we may find a rounded portrait of Jesus, a full personality, from the historical documents. 471 more words