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Fixing NTFS problems

A couple days ago I had to power off my Raspberry Pi when it crashed while writing on an external Hard Drive.

When I turned it on again, no Hard Drive was detected and connecting it to a computer outputted this error message:

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CentOS 6.5 Desktop - Post-Installation Checklist (Basic)

I’ve just installed CentOS 6.5, and need to get everything set up for a Desktop user experience. This is my basic checklist of applications, and the procedures for installing them. 934 more words


Convert FAT32 to NTFS Without Formatting or Losing Data

You have a flash drive or probably an external hard drive that currently has FAT32 file system and you want to change it to NTFS, because FAT32 does not support handling large files (over 4GB) or it is just simply old for your taste but there is just one problem, you don’t want to lose your saved data. 372 more words

analyzeMFT - Cause Metadata Matters

The Master File Table (MFT) of an NTFS file system is an index and metadata goldmine. From it you know the location of all files on a logical drive, their file types, creation and modification dates, and the directory structure. 214 more words

Resto shaman. IT style.

When this began I was over the Moon because I had just installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop. There was a problem with encrypted SWAP turned on, though. 421 more words

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