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Backup and Restore NTFS Permissions of Folders and Files

Recently, I had to move large number of folders, sub folders and files  to a different location. The files and folders were already moved and my task was to apply same permissions from source C:\Data to the destination of G:\Data without actually copying the files. 290 more words

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Mount amazon ntfs disk volume on an ec2 RHEL 6 linux instance

We have some windows and linux instances on Amazon EC2. We recently got hacked one of the windows instances and had to stop it.  The IT asked me to get the data from its disk by attaching the disk volume to a linux machine. 210 more words


Windows File Shares and NTFS Permissions

A sometimes confusing aspect of Windows file sharing is the difference between share permissions and NTFS permissions as well as how the two interplay. Share permissions dictate how the folder is shared out on the network. 161 more words


Problem writing on NTFS external drive on OSX

When you format an external USB hard drive in Apple’s MAC OSX you may find that it is not possible to write on it. This is due to a permissions issue… 48 more words

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Migration of Windows Shares

How can you migrate a network shares to another volume/ server/ drive/ appliance/ etc?

Um … I think you cannot imagine the answer to this question is – – – No! 116 more words