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Enock Malachi "Nucky" Thompson

We will now take our first in-depth sartorial look at the centre of the Boardwalk Empire. Nucky Thompson’s style is a major part of both the show itself as well as all its associated global advertising campaigns. 1,109 more words

"First rule of politics, kiddo."

An agreement between amicable parties that quickly went sour due to unintended consequences.  As apt a description of the political aspect of Prohibition as its social and economical and criminal aspects.  183 more words

Add Dress

In her recent memoir The Woman I Wanted To Be, Diane Von Furstenberg recounts the time in 1978 when she was on a flight from New York to Cleveland for a personal appearance to promote her iconic wrap dress. 515 more words


Geoffrey Chaucer’s Life Was Crazier Than an HBO Series

The Father of English Literature. The Greatest English Author Before Shakespeare. Bard of The Canterbury Tales. Loyalist to King Richard II. We are acquainted with this Geoffrey Chaucer, whose life we have chosen to ignore because he is somewhat boring. 722 more words


Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Review

“Mrs. Thompson said you want to be good, but you don’t know how.”

So we reach the end of the tale of Nucky Thompson’s rise and fall, as the criminally under-watched and underrated Boardwalk Empire closes shop on its fifth and final season.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5: Review

Now seeing as audiences have had well over a week to mull over the series finale of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, it is time to take a look back at the fifth and final season of this five year running show. 820 more words

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Boardwalk Empire, Season 5, Episode 8: "Eldorado"

By Jim Muntisov

Boardwalk Empire came full circle in “Eldorado”, the final episode of the series. It showed us the fates of many of the characters still standing, and it closed out Nucky Thompson’s journey from penny catching child to half-gangster. 482 more words