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Fukushima: Recoil/ Recalled by J.A. Mitchell

Fukushima: Recoil/ Recalled

Shinto memorials

incense lit for 2 generations

mushroom clouds condense

ocean reefs of nuclear tears

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Urgent Nuclear Prayer by Francisco X. Alarcón

Urgent Nuclear Prayer

disarm these ticking
bombs called reactors, Mother Earth,
have mercy on us!

we foolish children
who recklessly play with fire
are getting all burned… 46 more words


The Biggest Bomb Yet

The Russian AN602 hydrogen bomb, nicknamed “Tsar Bomba”, is the most powerful weapon ever detonated. Tested on October 30, 1961, this thermonuclear bomb had an energy yield of approximately 210 to 240 PJ (1 Petajoule = 1 quadrillion Joules = 10^15J), or the equivalent of  50 to 58 megatons of TNT. 712 more words