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Military Museum Gets Part Of Inactive Nuclear Bomb

PAMPA, Texas (AP) — A military museum in the Texas Panhandle has acquired part of an inactive nuclear bomb on hand during the Cold War. 105 more words


Israel’s brutalities unseen in history of mankind


The Abu Jamaa family was digging into its food when the Israeli missile hit the family’s home in Khan Younis, Gaza’s second-largest city. It was iftar, the sunset meal that marks the breaking of the fast during Ramadan, a time of day relatives gather together to eat and relax. 1,050 more words

Why do we bite our nails?


It can ruin the appearance of your hands, could be unhygienic and can hurt if you take it too far. So why do people do it? 264 more words

Dirty Bomb Threat, But Don't Worry About it Says Some Nuclear Experts.

Recent news is that ISIS has seized some radio active uranium. The worry is that they (ISIS) could build a dirty bomb with it. Will they? 214 more words

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