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Last Orders: Scottish literature at the end of the world

Have you heard of the ‘Letters of Last Resort’?

According to modern legend, there exist four copies of a very important letter written by the UK Prime Minister, each one held in a safe-inside-a-safe in the control rooms of the British navy’s four nuclear submarines, one of which is always at sea. 741 more words

What has happened to the weather?

What a rotten summer we are having here in the Lake Geneva region.  In July, we had the worst weather since meteorological measures were recorded for the first time… 359 more words


Returning to the Scene of the Crime

by Karen Topakian

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t go to Livermore, California in August. It’s crazy hot.  And it’s scary dry.

But I don’t go to Livermore for the weather. 823 more words


Terrible anniversary, Hiroshima sixty-nine years on

(Screenshot of A-bomb Dome, Visit Hiroshima, Tourism Promotion Office of the Hiroshima Prefectural Government)

Sixty-nine years on this day, the US military dropped their first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, at 08:15 a.m., which resulted in an estimated number of 140,000 deaths by the end of December 1945 (source: … 443 more words

Nuclear Disarmament

Peace Action Speaks to No Nukes! Women's Forum in Hiroshima

We are proud that Sally Jones, Chair of the Peace Action Fund of NYS spoke on August 5 in Hiroshima to the No Nukes! Women’s Forum.  1,076 more words

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