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Fragile Denuclearization: Russia steps up arsenal build ups

Fragile Denuclearization: Russia steps up arsenal build ups

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Denuclearization has remained a useless myth since it is purely utopian to expect the big nuke powers USA and Russia to renounce their arms arsenals, especially the weapons of mass destitution (WMD). 1,542 more words

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The anaconda, or the hat?

The anaconda swallowed an elephant.

It was, admittedly, a very brown anaconda. Brown like the brown-paper-packages that Julie Andrews liked tied-up-with-string.

I love the concept: a little boy draws a picture of an anaconda that’s swallowed an elephant – but all anyone else sees is a hat. 923 more words

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American Agenda for Mideast

American Agenda for Mideast

When egoistic super power status of USA was being crushed by Russian smartness in Ukraine, Israel came to its rescue, attacking the besieged Palestinians in Gaza strip, thereby diverting the terrible scenario in Ukraine, also shaking the foundations of US imperialism. 1,492 more words

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A day to demand that the world wake up and avert nuclear doom

by Richard Tanter and Tilman Ruff

Two odd facts. First, the United Nations General Assembly declared September 26 the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. 1,024 more words

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Everyone to Vienna to save the world!

On the 26th of September in 1983 one man, a Russian officer whose name is Stanislav Petrov showed so much civil courage that he was later called ”the man who saved the world.” When he was on duty as the commander of a Soviet radar station, he disobeyed standing orders and refrained from launching a nuclear counterattack when everyone at the station misinterpreted the radar images and believed they saw a US nuclear missile attack on the Soviet Union. 326 more words

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UN: We must eliminate all nuclear weapons

The time has come for the total elimination of nuclear weapons stockpiles, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today declared as he urged the revival of nuclear disarmament as a “top international priority.” 327 more words


An amicus brief for the world

Back in April, the Republic of the Marshall Islands sued the United States in the Federal District Court in San Francisco on the grounds that it had failed to fulfill its nuclear disarmament obligations under international law. 375 more words

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