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Have More Faith in Yourself

A recent study found that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. 190 more words


MacBooks, Methane, and Meltdowns

You live in an energy dependent society. Every day people use large amounts of energy to be more productive in their hectic lives and to make the rare free time after homework, lecture or work more amusing. 1,886 more words

Distributive Generation and Nuclear Energy

Amory Lovins popularized the idea of Distributed electrical generation as a foil to the emerging nuclear power industry. Lovins argued that what was needed was not large nuclear generation facilities, but small localized generating facilities that drew their power from nature. 944 more words

Molten Salt Reactors

French Nuclear Cycle Crash -- Arnie Gundersen | Fairewinds Energy Education


The summary of this video presentation at the ‘Farewinds Energy Education’ website reads:

France has been a world leader in nuclear power, deriving almost 80% of its produced electricity from nuclear reactors.

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Nuclear Industry Partners with the Navy

Over the next five years, the nuclear industry will need to fill approximately 20,000 jobs. One way the nuclear industry is meeting this need is through a new partnership with the U.S. 126 more words

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