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Fukushima Farmer: Nuclear is the most terrible thing, people don’t realize how horrible and scary it is — Sending this to future generations is unbelievable — “I don’t want to be their guinea pig” — Mayor evacuated his own kids while trying to get families to stay, this is a significant crime AUDIO

Nuclear is the most terrible thing. People just don’t realize it ,and now people are convinced — or the government is trying to convince people that cheap electricity means nuclear power generated electricity — but in reality from my point of view people need to understand how horrible it is, how scary it is and to send such a horrible and scary thing to the next generation, just for cheap electricity, that’s unbelievable, that shouldn’t happen. 89 more words


Chalk River nuclear shipments opposed in Washington

A New York congressman says the proposed trucking of intensely radioactive liquid waste from Chalk River to the United States could cause a “mobile Chernobyl” in the event of a spill while crossing the border at Buffalo. 712 more words


SNC-owned Candu Energy joins Chinese firm to work on Romanian nuclear reactors

BUCHAREST — Canada’s Candu Energy said on Friday it will help China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) build two nuclear reactors in European Union state Romania if and when the Chinese firm decides to invest there. 175 more words


Petition against life-time extension of Cattenom

There is a new petition in Luxembourg against the 32 years (!) life-time extension of the Cattenom nuclear reactor. If you want you can read and sign it… 195 more words

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Not investing in new nuclear power would be a costly gamble for the UK

Nuclear must be a part of the UK’s low carbon energy mix because renewable sources cannot provide power 24/7

The sun sets behind EDF’s Hinkley Point B (left), and Hinkley Point A (right) nuclear power stations beside the Bristol Channel Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images… 703 more words

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Arco, ID -- The Middle of Nowhere

The Engineer’s take:

Going back to Idaho was going to be strange.  It’s a strange place by nature.  I hadn’t been here since I worked here over 20 years ago. 2,445 more words


A day in the life of a Nuclear Industrial Safety Professional - Part one

Employees working in the nuclear industry take pride in promoting and working in a safe environment. Not only are there highly trained teams of security officers around every corner, behind the scenes there are teams of industrial health and safety professionals who help to ensure employees work safely, avoid injuries and that all work taking place is carried out in the safest manner possible. 339 more words

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