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The Word from Japan

I got confirmation this week that I’ll be signing a contract soon for a Japanese edition of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. The book will be published by a company called Tsukiji Shokan. 396 more words


Nuclear Energy-More Money Even More Lies

I watched a Pro-Nuclear documentary called Pandora’s Promise a few days ago, presented online @ documentaryheavon.com; it is a one hour infomercial promoting the benefits of Nuclear Power around the Globe. 1,763 more words


Colorado robot to help fix Japan nuclear disaster

LOVELAND- A Colorado company is playing a big role in an effort to fix one of the worst nuclear disasters in modern history. Three years ago, a massive 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan, creating a devastating tsunami and killing more than 19,000 people. 367 more words

Rescue Robot

"If it isn't going to be nuclear power, then it's going to be geoengineering": Tom Wigley

Hats off to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists for a timely myth-busting interview with one of the world’s top climate scientists, Tom Wigley.

In this interview, Wigley argues that the climate problem cannot be solved with renewable energy alone, and that, without turning to geoengineering, consideration of the nuclear energy pathway—in particular, resuming the development of fast reactors—should be an essential component of attempts to address the climate crisis. 287 more words

"Nuclear Energy and Natural Gas Are Going To Solve The Climate Change Problem" (rant)

“Watch the science on climate change gets picked and pulled by right-wing think tanks” Click on image to read post and help to support my blog. 9 more words


Our Energy Crisis

So the IPCC has in essence said to the world “but seriously guys, these carbon emissions are an issue” in their latest 33 page report (for more depth see here… 822 more words

Nuclear energy — the best option! (Article by Senator Seher Kamran)

As the groundbreaking ceremony took place near the coastal line of Karachi to build two nuclear power plants, a debate has surfaced within policy circles, political domains and the academia, questioning and answering various concerns regarding the safety and security issues surrounding these nuclear power plants. 1,270 more words

Pakistan Peoples Party