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Cost of energy in EU according to Ecofys

Recently a report on energy costs prepared for EU commission by the consulting company Ecofys crossed the news threshold in many places. Usually it has been reported as being “the EU report”, but EU commision states “ 1,224 more words


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"...note how the ground keeps shifting, but always in such a way as to inflate costs for nuclear power and fossil fuels."
Jani-Petri Martikainen's blog may lead to additional reading. Hopefully that includes a recent post of mine commenting on the same Ecofys study: Levlised Cost confusion disguises rate impact of intermittent renewables

US opposes post-Fukushima nuclear safety proposal

RT | October 24, 2014

The United States is reportedly trying to fend off an attempt out of Switzerland to change a multi-national nuclear safety agreement in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

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Don't call me Nuclear!

The energy density of Uranium makes it a remarkable power source, leading it to be considered as a  panacea for the world’s energy problems.

But disaster after disaster have left the nuclear juggernaut on the ropes, clinging for survival. 337 more words

Anti-nuclear environmentalism?

There are more than 400 nuclear reactors in operation worldwide producing about 13% of the world electricity. Out of these, 100 are in the US alone. 802 more words

Stop Nuclear Power in Petten and the rest of the world!

Last year the nuclear reactor in Petten was closed down after a series of safety accidents. Several employees broke the security regulations. The commission of the Nuclear Physics service ordered to temporarily stop the production of isotopes after an initial high amount of uranium was measured in a disposal bin, which was enough to possibly create a spontaneous chain reaction. 555 more words