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I’ve become very interested in Thorium recently (I highly recommend reading Super Fuel), and I’m trying to learn more about nuclear power in general. They run a masters course at a university nearby (ULB) which, depending on how things improve with my arms I’d like to enroll on either next year or the year after. 17 more words


Are radiation effects transmitted intergenerationally?

In this post I look at recent findings on whether or not radiation leads to genetic effects that may be transmitted intergenerationally. In other words, is there evidence that the offspring of someone who has been exposure… 702 more words

Nuclear Energy

Global Energy Industry: South Africa, France to sign Nuclear Deal

South Africa will sign a nuclear cooperation agreement with France to develop nuclear energy, although no further details were released.

This deal follows a similar agreement made with Russia which sparked outrage as it suggested that a Russian firm had already been chosen to develop eight nuclear reactors totaling around $50 million. 21 more words

Mozambique Energy Industry


I don’t talk much about work on this blog (since it would probably bore my handful of readers) but last week I had the opportunity to do something really cool and very unique. 302 more words


South Africa - Nuclear Energy - the world is NUTS!

This is an older post I put up on LinkedIn and it disappeared… then today I read on twitter that the nuclear stuff is going ahead – so I’m re-posting it because I feel like it – HUMPH! 842 more words

Barack Obama's standards pollution

Strange moment in history of the word “standard”

Feeling unable to pass climate legislation through the legislative bodies of the country he was elected President of, Barack Obama turned to the country’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set regulations on the emissions of carbon dioxide. 328 more words