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Nuclear energy's future is green

The Nuclear Energy Institute, a pro-nuclear power organization, recently launched a Future of Energy campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to promote the positive attributes of nuclear energy, including its crucial role in America’s diverse energy portfolio, and to highlight the work and experience of nuclear professionals.   230 more words

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy: Does it still have a future?

During many years I’d believed Nuclear Energy was the appropriate energy source to stop the use of fossil fuels, but my opinion has changed in the last few years. 866 more words


Saudi Arabia Going Nuclear?

Interesting – but it makes sense. Modern nuclear power plants are the only power choice that can handle the large amounts of power a modern society runs on, especially a modern desert society that needs to desalinate massive amounts of seawater.

Hopefully they go LFTR.


Australia to sign uranium export deal with India - Businessweek

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Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with his Indian counterpart Friday on a two-day state visit during which they are expected to sign a deal to allow the export of Australian uranium to India for use in power generation. 219 more words


India's nuclear deal with Australia is all about geopolitics—and only marginally about nuclear sales

Australia’s civil nuclear deal with India is expected to be signed on Friday night when the prime ministers of both countries meet at a function in New Delhi. 584 more words

The next new energy source?

I found this interesting video on TED talk. It discusses the possibility of an alternative to Uranium in nuclear facilities. The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor… 78 more words