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melting heat

circling tighter
did shimmers know flames circle tighter
expression is one-way
burns don’t know how to explain
the tightening
of causality
gifts of reality will implode… 610 more words


Misguided Concern: Are the risks associated with nuclear proliferation the greatest threat posed by the bomb?

This subject is neither fresh nor lightly trodden with security anxieties emerging as the smoke from the fireworks of V.J. day dissipated. The threat of nuclear annihilation has hung heavy over policy makers and academics alike throughout the Twentieth Century, creating an informing the proliferation debate to the present day. 3,548 more words

Deterrence Theory

What is a dirty bomb?

A dirty bomb is simply a standard explosive device which is attached to, or encased in, some kind of radioactive material. The idea behind the device is to pulverize and vapourize the radioactive material so as to facilitate the widest possible dispersal into the environment; the intention is to create panic and hysteria in an unprepared and ill-informed populace, as well as causing huge disruption to the economy and living conditions of the target area. 384 more words