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Run simulations of nuclear explosion on cities.


A simulation on Mumbai results around 32 Lakh instant deaths and 53 lakh injuries many of which would result in fatalities.

Anti-nuclear Movement

Immediately After The Nuclear Explosion

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

A nuclear explosion is one of the most devastatingly catastrophic incidents imaginable. Our normalcy bias prevents most of us from contemplating such a horrific event and therefore most people have not planned for it in any way. 172 more words


Urgent message By Alexander Backman VISION OF NEW YORK CITY DETONATED- MARCH 13,2014

(CRN®- MARCH 13-2014)- This is an urgent message by Mexican Journalist Alexander Backman with regard to a Dream-Vision he had in December 2013. In the vision Alexander saw a Nuclear Explosion in Manhattan as he stood at the Terminals in Newark International Airport and 32,000 people are incinerated by the blast. 129 more words

Nuclear explosion and vortex ring

Above ground nuclear explosions form typically a mushroom due to Kelvin-Taylor hydrodynamics instability. The turbulent upheaval forms a vortex ring of ionization current that persists for several seconds (witnesses told). 24 more words



I stood at what remained of my balcony and watched the darkness around me. I could see the milky way, a spectacular sight I haven’t seen all my life – thanks to light pollution that exist everywhere. 474 more words

End Of The World.