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Sun in the Morning

When the words failed to flow, all heart was frozen; your breath forming intricate crystals, not sounds. The silence grew to cosmic proportions; our ether rife with the impending glory of birthing stars; the raging beauty of fission, writing its immutable code, soundlessly, through our genes. 55 more words

A new push for fusion power: Michel Laberge at TED2014

“The whole planet needs a lot of energy,” begins Michel Laberge, in an understatement. So far, he says, we’ve been running on fossil fuels, and it’s been difficult to find something as cost-effective to replace them. 766 more words


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General Fusion is our own UBC startup venture in Burnaby. Founder Michel Laberge was a keynote speaker at today's TEDTalk in Vancouver.

The power in a penny

“…a little bit of mass is equivalent to a great deal of energy. In fact, the fission bomb that destroyed Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945 converted to energy roughly the amount of mass in a single penny.”

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