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How Has Technology Influenced Our Lives?

With more and more superior technology being made at a rapid pace, I think we should think about the effect of technology in our lives. I mean, technology feels like something we all need. 746 more words


Discovery of nuclear weapons: an advancement in science or cause of terrorism and destruction?

Nuclear weapons are devices which can cause mass destruction. This is a result of the energy is released when the protons and neutrons, in the nucleus are either split by Fission, or merged by Fusion, both of which produce tremendous amounts of energy. 337 more words

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Lockheed Martin Claims Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Technology

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – It’s the stuff of science fiction: nearly limitless power with no pollution. Nuclear fusion, generating energy by squeezing two atoms together. 191 more words


Powering the Planet of the Future

As discussed in previous posts, the problem with the current direction of new electric and hybrid vehicles isn’t the emissions we product, its the production of the fuel source we require, that is electricity (see Rhys article on… 904 more words