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Physics for Non-Physicists: Cross Sections

I’ve decided to start adding explanations of physics topics every once in a while. I’ll make a page for these so they’re easy to find. The idea is that I can compile a series of explanations for non-physicists. 1,294 more words


Week 8: Getting it Right

After having thrown out so much of my work time and time again, it seems that on page 473 of equations and plots, I finally worked it out. 386 more words


Weeks 6 and 7: Galvanizing after Galveston

Going from the Gulf of Mexico to a gargantuan defeat in such a short timespan is enough to give someone whiplash – the current recovery from that particular defeat ensured it. 526 more words


Carbon nucleus seen spinning in triangular state

Physicists have obtained important new evidence showing that the structure of the carbon-12 nucleus – without which there would be no life here on Earth – resembles that of an equilateral triangle. 752 more words


Anyone for tea?


John was a bright young man. He had topped the country in Physics, Chemistry, German and Algebra. His place in the prestigious research laboratories was almost guaranteed. 272 more words

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