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Gravity: an ever present force, equal in all directions, that draws all matter to itself and, ultimately, turns matter into energy, in its own image. It does it all at once, in what is known as time, but we perceive this all-at-once as an extension of similar moments in series. 17 more words


Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plants use the heat generated by nuclear reactions, and uses it to boil a tank of water. The steam created powers a steam turbine to create electricity. 32 more words

Nuclear Physics

Who said I'm not good in Math?

Let’s do a Nuclear Physics problem, shall we?

What is the uncertainty in the mass of a muon (m = 105.7MeV/c^2), specified in eV/c^2, given its lifetime is 2.20*10^(-6)s?

Answer, anyone? :)


New WIPP Recovery Update

It was reported a few days ago in the local Carlsbad, NM paper that the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is slowly recovering after a minor radiation leak earlier this year. 66 more words


How is a proton like a bagel?

Protons give every atom its fundamental identity. The number of protons tells you where an atom sits on the Periodic Table, while the number of neutrons and electrons can vary (within limits). 282 more words

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