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New METI chief Obuchi rules out new nuclear power plants

Sep 4, 2014 

Newly appointed trade and industry minister Yuko Obuchi on Thursday ruled out the construction of new nuclear power plants anytime soon.

“Safety checks of existing nuclear plants are being conducted now, so I’m not expecting to see new plants built at this point,” the first woman ever to head METI said in a group interview with the media. 221 more words


Westinghouse seeks EU aid to weaken Russia’s nuclear fuel role in Europe

So far we have always concentrated on the Gas War, where players such as the US or Qatar sought to break the dominant position of Russia in the European gas market, even by instigating wars like the one in Syria to get access to the coming huge market.

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A Free Market Lesson for Exelon

In our last post, we mentioned the Invisible Hand, an idea brought forth by the patron saint of Free Markets, Adam Smith. As we pointed out, Exelon on its website extols the virtues of the Free Market and anathematizes the very notion of subsidies to players in it — except, of course, when Exelon itself is the intended recipient of that subsidy. 691 more words


Globalisation of nuclear sector to radicalise supply chain

Globalisation of nuclear sector to radicalise supply chain

Nuclear plants are planned to be built or currently under construction in all corners of the world, these developments will ask inevitable questions on the supply chain, and what is expected of companies who wish to contribute to the growing nuclear industry. 906 more words

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