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U.S. Nucelar Warning!

Nuclear Plants below the Boone Dam could be in trouble as dam weakens.

‘Special Alert’ issued for major dam upstream of US nuclear plants — Muddy seepage coming up near foundation — Cause of sinkhole and ‘mysterious’ discharges unknown after weeks of analysis — Newspaper: “Hopefully, it isn’t catastrophic” — Officials working around clock, submarines and ground-penetrating radar in use.


Are Western governments prepared for the use of drone technology against themselves?

There has recently been wide coverage of news that guards at 13 nuclear plants, including some operated by the French electricity giant EDF, have seen drones flying overhead. 228 more words

Chatham House

19 Mind-Boggling Views of Factories and Nuclear Plants, Carved From Google Maps

For her latest series, San Francisco-based artist Jenny Odell plucked factories, shipyards, nuclear sites and more from Google Maps.

A normal person might use Google’s satellite imagery to look at the house they grew up in as a kid. 540 more words


Simultaneous drone flights over France's nuclear plants mystify security chiefs

PARIS — French security chiefs are investigating a spate of mysterious and illegal flights by tiny, unmanned drones over French nuclear power stations.

A government official told The Associated Press that authorities have counted about 15 drone flights over a half-dozen nuclear sites since October 1. 241 more words


California Could Suffer a Fukushima-Style Meltdown

U.S. Ignoring Earthquake Risks to Nuclear Plants

Scientists warned that an earthquake could take out Fukushima. The Japanese ignored the warning.

(The Fukushima reactors were… 190 more words


Nuclear plants are touted

Since the beginning of October, many nuclear power plants are flown over by unidentified drones. Nobody has claimed these actions. The French government and EDF are concerned.  182 more words


Innovators Under 35: Leslie Dewan, Chief Science Officer, Transatomic Power


Innovators Under 35: Leslie Dewan, Chief Science Officer, Transatomic Power

Published on Nov 7, 201 3 • What if we could build a nuclear reactor that costs half as much, consumes nuclear waste, and will never melt down? Trans Atomic Power


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