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The Noisy "Jalsa" Season

This new wave of political dharnas and jalsas has gripped the Pakistani nation. It sure has awakened a dormant section of society and for a worthy cause no doubt. 462 more words

Difficulties remain in protecting nuclear plants from volcanic eruptions

 October 05, 2014

 The deadly eruption of Mount Ontakesan in central Japan has rekindled concerns about whether Japan’s nuclear power plants, such as the Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, have adequate safeguards for dealing with such a disaster. 822 more words


The Impact of the March 2011 Earthquake in Northeast Japan Today, Professor David Edgington, University of British Columbia

This interview first appeared in the 2014 edition of Geogramme, a newsletter for alumni and friends of the Department of Geography, University of British Columbia. Reposted with permission. 1,003 more words


NRG won't ask Illinois for financial assistance: Crain's Chicago Business

Crain’s reports that NRG, which bought four Illinois generation plants from Edison Mission/Midwest Generation out of BK, will not be asking Springfield for a bailout. In contrast, Exelon’s hands have been working busily a day shopping for legislators. 122 more words


Fukushima - September 2014 News Links

Unusual North Pacific warmth jostles marine food chain



Fukushima gov.: Tainted soil site decision ‘painful’


Three Chiba cities will store radioactive waste if state fails to build final disposal site, NHK says… 5,748 more words


Radioactive spikes from nuclear plants - a likely cause of childhood leukemia

A radioactive emissions spike taking place during refueling from fugitive noble gas release at the Gundremmigen nuclear plant, Bavaria, Germany. Measured as kBq/m3 against time, in half-hourly intervals. 1,418 more words

Radioactivity Protection

Volcanoes may be next obstacle for Japan’s atomic power industry

Sep 30, 2014 

The deadly volcanic eruption of Mount Ontake over the weekend may strengthen the argument of activists campaigning to keep the country’s 48 reactors shut. 537 more words