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Ralph Nader: Nuclear power is uneconomical, uninsurable, unsafe, unnecessary and unevacuable

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader published a great summary piece on nuclear power in the Ecologist last Friday:

…nuclear power is a government / taxpayer-guaranteed boondoggle whose staggering costs, incurred and deferred, are absorbed by American taxpayers via a supine government regulatory and subsidy apparatus. 207 more words

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Weird Video of the Week

Who’s up for some more from the lovely land of Chernobyl?

This video focuses on the basics of the nuclear accident and how it has affected wildlife. 67 more words

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Adapting to climate change requires the further development and use of fossil fuels

The single thing that differentiates the human species from every other known species on earth has been the control and use of fire.The step change then from primitive to modern humans has been due not least to the control and development of the combustion process and the utilisation of fossil fuels.  826 more words