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Censorship- The truth about Japanese censorship of any reporting about the dire condition of Fukushima Daiichi is starting to emerge. 103 more words

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Solutions that Aren't

Occasionally, we hear nuclear power, natural gas, or even cold fusion advanced as solutions–or at least partial solutions–to the climate crisis. It is true that each of these has the potential to give us energy with much lower greenhouse gas emissions than coal or petroleum products. 1,852 more words

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Stop Nuclear Power in Petten and the rest of the world!

Last year the nuclear reactor in Petten was closed down after a series of safety accidents. Several employees broke the security regulations. The commission of the Nuclear Physics service ordered to temporarily stop the production of isotopes after an initial high amount of uranium was measured in a disposal bin, which was enough to possibly create a spontaneous chain reaction. 555 more words

12 a wonder of technology


giant kettles have been deployed in each of the four towers of the castle.

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Can Japan find a trash can for nuclear wastes?

Machiavelli, in The Prince, argues that fortune determines one half of our actions whereas our intention controls the other half. Even though fortune, often described as a woman, is beyond our control, politicians should try hard to control the other 50% of actions. 590 more words

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India’s Earthquake Powerplant Risk Analysis

With time, India has started to have more and more nuclear power plants, but is this really safe? No, the nuclear plants in India are not very safe, because India is located in an earthquake prone area, and is constantly ramming into the Indo-China plate, which is causing India to have many earthquakes, over this month, over 25 earthquakes have occurred near India, and there are power plants that are located near that earthquake region which is significantly dangerous, on the plate boundary in northern India, earthquakes are constantly happening. 81 more words

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Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands by Chris Bohjalian was good, but not as good as I was expecting. The summary on the inside flap of the book immediate piqued my interest. 328 more words

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