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OPG says leak at Pickering nuclear plant posed no risk to public

PICKERING, Ont. – Ontario Power Generation says there was no risk to the public during a leak at the Pickering nuclear power plant on Friday. 89 more words


San Onofre, San Diego, California - Explosion - Dream

Spiritual dream from the Lord on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

This was a brief but powerful dream.  I saw a map of California and I heard the words, ‘San Diego’ spoken out loud.  362 more words


Seeing Clearly Through the Cloud – Assessing a Leak at Honeywell

Joey Ledford
Public Affairs Officer
Region II

The sound of alarms during the evening of Oct. 26 at the Honeywell Metropolis Works alerted workers and those living closest to the Metropolis, Ill., site that something out of the ordinary had occurred. 559 more words

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First nuclear power plant set to restart in Japan after 2011 meltdown

Against much public backlash, two reactors at a nuclear power plant in Sendai are scheduled to be restarted. These will be the first to restart operations after all the country’s nuclear plants were shut down indefinitely following the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011.  243 more words


Japanese governor approves 1st nuclear power restart since Fukushima disaster

Two reactors at Japan’s Sendai nuclear power plant received approval to be restarted by the governor and assembly for Kagoshima prefecture. It will be the first such restart following Japan’s post-Fukushima decision to close all nuclear plants nationwide. 553 more words

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Russia’s Population Versus Nuclear Power Plants and Energy Consumption

Russia is a huge country, the first map below shows the population of Russia, where you can see that the majority is in the south, with a population of 143,800,000, which means that it needs a big amount of electrical power plants to supply all the people with electricity. 129 more words

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Recent Nuclear Industry Survey Shows the Public Strongly Supports Nuclear Energy

The nuclear industry prides itself on being one of the most transparent, heavily regulated and, most importantly, safe industries in the world. To make sure the public feels the same way, regular surveys take place across the country to gauge public perception. 145 more words

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