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Rouhani: 'We Will Witness The Sanctions Shattering In The Coming Months'

TEHRAN, Iran (CBSDC/AP) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims that sanctions against his country imposed by the United States and other Western powers are “unraveling.” 341 more words


Scare Tehran, Please

REUEL MARC GERECHT,  The Weekly Standard

Is Barack Obama’s threat of preventive military action against the Iranian regime’s nuclear program credible? Would a one-year, six-month, or even three-month nuclear breakout capacity at the known nuclear sites be acceptable to him?


Review, William O. Beeman: Gareth Porter, A Tale of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing: Iran’s Nukes

 Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter (New York: Just World Books, 2014)

Reviewed by William O. Beeman  WomenAgainstMilitaryMadnessNewsletter… 1,739 more words

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US Military Chief: Israel Believes US Will Attack Iran If Necessary

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – The top U.S. military official said that Israel and the United States are “more harmonized” in their agreement over military action in Iran, and that Israel believes the U.S. 247 more words


9 Air Force commanders fired over nuclear missile test cheating

By Shirley Henry


WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Air Force has fired nine commanders in the wake of a scandal involving cheating on tests related to the U.S. 152 more words


Congress Stands Unified Against Obama's Wrongheaded Iran Policy

Members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate sent letters to President Obama detailing principles for any deal with Iran over its nuclear program. 256 more words

Nuclear Program

Upcoming Talks in Vienna to Address Iran's Nuclear Program

While the EU and US remain at loggerheads with Russia over Crimea’s secession, the major powers appear amicable on one issue: Iran’s nuclear program. Iran and the E3+3–three EU countries, Britain, France, and Germany plus the US, Russia, and China–are meeting in Vienna this week in a bid to settle permanently the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. 283 more words

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