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Obama reneges on U.S. Ukraine "Security Assurances" after giving up Nukes

Obama made it clear yesterday at his Presser, that he had no intention to honor the Security Assurances commitment made to Ukraine. In fact, he flew the doors wide open for Putin to march forward. 1,027 more words

Nuclear (non)proliferation and the Security of Earth

We all want global security, since at least for now, the Earth is the only planet we’ve got. In the words of The Tick (in the 1990s cartoon), “You can’t blow up the world…That’s where I keep all my stuff!” 909 more words

Science Policy

This global thriller will have you on the edge of your seat ...

“International author, Real Laplaine, has done it again! A thrilling book with wonderful curves and characters you have to fall in love with. This global thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.” – JW. 19 more words

Fiction Novel

Countdown to The Cold War: August 1944 (2)

Our first “Countdown to The Cold War” post appeared LAST WEEK, so you may want to start there.

In the vernacular of the Manhattan Project scientists and engineers, … 712 more words


The Weight of a Paper Crane

Thirteen years have passed and I still feel the darkness of September 11, 2001. I don’t think about it every day like I used to, but I’ve never been able to think about it without a deep sense of trouble – and perhaps it is a sense of deeper trouble to come. 528 more words


The Russians are coming!

I have just had the misfortune to stumble over this piece of garbage ‘Why Independence Could Put Scotland In Danger Of Russian Invasion’ by James Cook, a ‘European Technology Reporter’ apparently. 4,156 more words


August 27, 1957 - Underground Nuclear Test Launches Giant "Manhole Cover"

On August 27, 1957, a four-inch-thick steel plate weighing several hundred pounds shot into the stratosphere over the Nevada Test Site, never to be seen again.  311 more words