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Military Moon or Mars?

It looks like our Neighbor in the Night Sky COULD have easily become “FORT MOON.”

In the 1960′s, some in the United States Military wanted to build a base on the Moon and maybe blow up a nuke or two for macho fun (take that, Russians!). 147 more words

July 2, 2004 pt2 - Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

After spending the morning traveling from Kawasaki to Hiroshima at high speed, my family and I were looking for some food. It’s always a safe bet to find inexpensive and quick food at major train stations. 625 more words


Santa Fe Retreat: Judy Chicago

We spent eleven days in Santa Fe on our self-designed writing retreat. Take a look at PART 1 and PART 2.

Shortly after we arrived in Santa Fe, Anna leafed through a free tabloid and discovered that the visual artist… 726 more words


They be Backpedalling: "No Direct Evidence"


“ officials made clear they were relying in part on social media postings and videos.”

How comforting. Foreign policy developed via Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube postings!  571 more words


Would Nuclear Dominoes Fall in the Middle East?

While the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 has rightly dominated headlines in recent days, it overshadows a potentially much more important news story: ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. 863 more words

Middle East

Some good news on the extension of nuclear talks with Iran

Amid the mostly awful daily news from the Middle East, one piece of good news came late last week. Iran and the “P5 +1″ (the U.S., Russia, England, France, China and Germany) agreed to continue negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program for another four months. 381 more words