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Debunking the Myth of Why the Atomic Bombs Were Necessary

Abby Martin reflects on the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and explains why this wasn’t a necessary action in order to end World War II.’ … 109 more words


Are We Ready For The Fall Of Baghdad?

Source: The Daily Bell, by Ron Holland

I recently was in Vietnam and spent some time in prosperous, capitalist Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, and toured the American War Museum. 314 more words

World At WAR

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A very possible outcome , especially with 2 more years and 3 months till Obama is gone!.

Security Leadership Program Applications Now Being Accepted! Interested in non-proliferation? Want to work in int'l aff? This is it!

The Center for International Trade & Security is now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 enrollment of Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Scholars.

The Richard B. 240 more words


Crying wolf again.

Persistent warnings of ‘this’ danger or ‘that’ danger are designed to persuade the general population of a verifiable threat to their existence. For instance, ‘Kim Jong-un and his huge nuclear arsenal are an imminent threat to our very survival.’ I’m not knowledgeable about Korean issues but from what I have seen he’s far more danger to his own people and the South Koreans if they continue to deliberately provoke him and even if they have got nuclear arms technology, it’s not perfected. 353 more words

The B61 Bomb or Nonproliferation: Which Do You Prefer?


Several weeks ago I had dinner with a norteño artist and activist, who I’ll call Tomás, a native of the Española Valley whose large extended family still lives in the various valley communities. 1,045 more words

Los Alamos National Lab

USFK Commander: "North Korea has the Technology to Miniaturize a Nuclear Warhead"

Commander of US Forces Korea Curtis Scarparotti said at a press conference, “I believe  the capability to miniaturize a device at this point and they have the technology to potentially deliver what they say they have.”  For a nuclear warhead to be miniaturized, it means that its weight must be under 1000 kg and have a diameter of less than 90cm.   546 more words

North Korea

Tufts University Hosting Islamists to Train Students in ‘Direct Action’Against American Jews and Israel

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Of course there will be no bias in this endeavor, Islam will come out smelling like a rose rather that the horse paddy it actually is. 1,145 more words


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I thought I had heard it all when a friend of mine for decades told me the Muslims are good people and don't deserve the bad press they get. Things are must worse than even I thought!