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"'Tokyo should no longer be inhabited,' Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation"

“(NaturalNews) In an essay addressed to his colleagues, Japanese doctor Shigeru Mita has explained why he recently moved away from Tokyo to restart his practice in western Japan: He believes that Tokyo is no longer safe to inhabit due to radioactive contamination caused by the March 11, 2011, meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.” 41 more words


To what extent is nuclear energy a suitable alternative for Singapore to meet her energy needs?

With the pursuit of long run sustainable development in the minds of many governmental organisations in the 21st century, one unanimous problem often appears in the minds of these groups of people. 1,051 more words


Teacup Tigers and Nuclear Penguins

The teacup tiger, man’s new best genetically-modified friend. Small enough to fit through a cat-flap. Warm enough to snuggle with at night. Ferociously playful. Picture that for a second while I trawl through pictures of tigers to illustrate my idea. 665 more words

Iran is pushing limits on nuclear deal -- Have they out smarted everyone?

A 2007 photo shows a technician inspecting equipment at the site of a uranium conversion plant in Isfahan, Iran. (Abedin Taherkenareh / European Pressphoto Agency) 573 more words

July 22 Energy News

Science and Technology:

¶   Just how fast the California’s climate is changing became apparent Monday when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released figures showing the first six months of this year were the hottest the state has ever recorded. 493 more words

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