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Can another Chernobyl happen in Ukraine?

In this piece Alexander Donetsky claims that the use of Westinghouse fuel in Ukrainien nuclear plants might cause a disaster comparable to the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986… 667 more words

The third world war is coming your way

The third world war is coming your way,

The third world war, that’s what I say,

Amidst weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth,

The third world war put us all beneath, 9 more words


July 30 Energy News


¶   The longer the world waits to act on climate change, the more costly it will be to rein in the environmental impacts of releasing heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, according to a White House report on climate change. 519 more words

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US Allegations that Russia has Violated the INF Treaty

Many of you will have seen the reports that the US is alleging that Russia has violated the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty. This is certainly a subject ripe for analysis here at ACL, and I would invite members of the community to engage with it in the comments. 113 more words


Defending the Falklands: A role for nuclear weapons?

By Alex Calvo and Olivia Olsen:

Deep conventional cuts have put a question mark over the British defence posture in the South Atlantic. Although the steep deterioration in Argentine military capabilities means that the balance of power has not necessarily moved against London, the deterioration in expeditionary and amphibious capability has led to what some voices consider to be an excessive reliance on static defence. 2,490 more words

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