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New study: Nukes, fossil fuel plants will cause world-wide water shortage by 2040 | robertsingleton

The amount of water used for power generation in the United States is staggering:

Thermal power plants in the US used as much water as farms did in 2005, and more than four times as much as all US residents…. 58 more words


Germany Now Produces 28.5% of Energy from Renewables

Germany set a new record on green energy in the first half of 2014, by producing 28.5% of its energy entirely from renewable sources, according to a… 115 more words

Can another Chernobyl happen in Ukraine?

In this piece Alexander Donetsky claims that the use of Westinghouse fuel in Ukrainien nuclear plants might cause a disaster comparable to the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986… 667 more words

The third world war is coming your way

The third world war is coming your way,

The third world war, that’s what I say,

Amidst weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth,

The third world war put us all beneath, 9 more words


July 30 Energy News


¶   The longer the world waits to act on climate change, the more costly it will be to rein in the environmental impacts of releasing heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, according to a White House report on climate change. 519 more words

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