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First look at nuclear fuel in a meltdown

Scientists have managed to take their first close-up look at what happens to nuclear fuel when it becomes molten, as it would in a nuclear reactor… 29 more words


Iran All the Way Home

Iran wants 100,000 centrifuges for nuclear purposes. That’s what they’re trying to get right now in their diplomatic talks. Why do they want them? Probably to make weapons. 149 more words

Paks soccer team to lose main sponsor MVM

The new mayor of Paks, János Süli has told the press that Hungarian state-owned energy company MVM had terminated the sponsorship contract with the city’s soccer team. 107 more words


The Revolving Door Between the USG and Wonkdom Turns Yet Again

A few weeks ago I did a post noting William Burns’ move from the State Dept to the Carnegie Endowment, and I quoted an even earlier post arguing that there is systemic pro-government bias in the US nonproliferation think tank world. 162 more words


Project Orion: The Nuclear Future We Missed Out On

If you were in charge of energy production and someone approached you with a method that is not only much more efficient than what you already rely on but also better for the environment, would you not wonder why we aren’t pooling all our research into taking advantage of it? 157 more words


Uranium glass again and how to make a radiometric measurement I

Dear Reader,

I have checked most of the uranium glass with a geiger counter, the geiger counter uses a tube which is known as a Geiger-Muller tube which is a gas filled high voltage discharge tube which uses an avalanche effect to increase the number of free electrons and ions formed in the tube after the absorption of radiation by the gas inside the tube. 1,274 more words


Urgent Action: Tell Congress to support diplomacy with Iran

You’ll know from the past eight years that we have been writing you about Iran.  First, we were gravely concerned that Vice President Dick Cheney would sway the Bush administration to bomb Iran.  269 more words

Peace Action