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Back is beautiful by Pixtof : New Popular Photo on 500px

Ana’s back
and I like it !

ana,clair obscur,low key,nude art,voilage


lines and sunlight and hurried matter

we are built of lines
and soft tissue
caught in charcoal
bouncing in quick succession
when fleeing or sweeping

same tissue matter
same molecular cohesion… 14 more words


Marino Marini - Great artist and teacher!

Born in 1901 in Pistoia, Italy, Marino Marini studied at the Belle Arti in Florence and then taught at the Belle Arti in Milan. He has been an incredible influence to many artists, including my dad and was more than just a guiding figure for a young eager artist. 85 more words

there is no fashion statement here no airs or phony smile - just two ppl at the fridge at midnight looking for milk

they’re not sexy bodies


real bodies.

that’s what makes them beautiful
lived in experiences of
love put

then – indeed
they are sexy bodies… 35 more words



60 x 85 cm acrylic on canvas

i am aiming for a balance of serenity and slight chaos, the reality of perception. well, she does look peaceful amongst ruins so i am pretty happy with the outcome :)