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Already getting to be a full week

Between our personal lives and the business it’s getting to be a full week already.

We picked up a stray kitty and we’re in the process of trying to get a rescue organization to take her. 134 more words

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Photographing my “different” body

  I have multiple sclerosis (diagnosed over 12 years ago) and my mobility has been reduced over the past few years. I’ve gone from using crutches, to a walker, to a wheelchair to get around. 566 more words

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Seeing the hidden beauty in each of us

I am working very hard at learning to love all of myself, a process that reminds me of peeling an onion. I pull off one layer, and uncover another, but I’m absolutely sure that each layer brings me closer to peace with myself. 577 more words

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Arm getting better - Nude Shoot tomorrow

My arm is feeling better every day now. I still have some pain when rotating it, but at least I’m starting to get full range with it even though I’m not yet in rehab. 130 more words

Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Memory lane with Gavin Kuah

I thought I would post a few images of the cute and sexy Gavin Kuah, taken way back in 2005. Several of these photographs are featured in… 101 more words

A new model. Cintra

Well here are a few pictures of my newest model, Cintra.


Male Artistic Nude Shoot today

Getting the right poses from a male is usually a little more difficult than getting them from a female in my opinion. You have to convey strength and masculinity with a male and at the same time pose them to be artistic. 127 more words

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