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Project LV One - Day 178 - Tubular Bells?

This morning I suddenly had this urge to create a drawing of some description and this was the result.  It felt like a dam had been released. 22 more words


Project LV One - Day 176 - Some Frames

Busy busy afternoon – the new frames arrived so out with the varnish and get the paintings framed – really quite satisfying.


Project LV One - Day 176 - Can't think of a title

My mind has drawn a blank this morning for any sort of title to this entry – woman’s bottom perhaps?   Well maybe but one thing for sure is that if you are trying to make a delicate life drawing then there are perhaps two things you should do.   48 more words


Project LV One - Day 175 - The wee small hours

For reasons beyond this blog I was up late into the night and so to pass the time of day I started rummaging around Pinterest and there I came across… 93 more words


Project LV One - 172 - Still Life

I hate still life.  There I’ve said it but I’m afraid it is true.  I find making a still life drawing very hard and in the end soul destroying.   196 more words


Project LV One - Day 170 - Over Ambitious

One of the many walls that I am hitting as I start this painting odyssey is being far too ambitious.  For years I have been able to create really moody images using photography and photoshop.   150 more words


Project LV One - Day 168 - Apple Strudel - WARNING contains a drawing showing nipples

I’m in a bit of a Germanic mood at the moment.  This has been encouraged by my recent visit to the latest version of Germany – there have been many.   377 more words