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Off to the races!

In just a little while I’m off to catch my train to GRNW!

If you’ll be there, stop and say hello–I promise not to run away (unless you point a camera at me, then all bets are off). :)

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Pretty Pictures


“Nude” is a colour which is suddenly all over the place. In fact, it is not even a single colour; it is a group of colours which look nude. 398 more words


You Aint My Girl Though

Being too early or too late is never a good thing. From an early menstrual cycle fucking up a planned lust session, to expressing emotions too late in a relation/situation-ship, timing is always everything, but I feel that more times than often, we place too much emphasis on the time instead of how we really feel and the satisfaction of our wants & needs. 669 more words

Sex & Relationships

When Your Ex Releases Intimate Pictures, ____ HIM!

A 4th year student in my school attempted suicide by taking overdose drugs because her boyfriend released her nude pictures…

Fortunately she survived, but there are complications, her womb is affected. 656 more words


Staithes Festival 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, with little things like finishing a degree and having a full time job getting in the way…

But I’m excited to say I’ve just had an AMAZING exhibition at the Staithes Festival for Arts and Heritage. 224 more words

Product Review: W7 In The Buff Palette

Hello Lovelies!

Todays post is a product review on the In The Buff Palette from affordable brand W7.

This palette is very similar to the Naked palettes by Urban Decay, but just a fraction of the price! 288 more words


How To Do Nudes Right

Since the dawn of the Internet and the invention of the camera phone  we have been warned against the dangers of sending nudes. However, let’s be honest, things happen. 933 more words