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Moving Day

When I was 4, we bought a house in another city and were packing up and getting ready for our new beginning.
I decided that the moving boxes were a little bland, so I took a Sharpie and went to work…and covered them with drawings of nude adults. 31 more words


Sending Nudes

I’m sure sending nudes seems tempting and harmless but due to recent events you may want to be careful taking/sending nudes because you never know where they will end up. 481 more words

Celebrities Nudes

Nudies in the News

No, no, my nude photos haven’t leaked. There are no nude photos of me.Thank God. Well, maybe in the photo collection of my mom’s my sister is now curator of. 536 more words

Kimberly Denise Davis from Idabel, OK is a flubber monster

Kimberly Denise Davis is so ugly, she so smelly, she smells like tuna between her legs. She lives in Idabel, OK and has a wide set vagina. 95 more words

(580) 286-3739

Giving It My Utmost- again!

After a year since my last post I have decided to blow the dust off the keyboard and re-enter the blogosphere aboard my rocket-ship of indifference. 511 more words


Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal!!!

Targets: Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, McKayla Maroney and MANY MANY MORE!!!
Nude photos were leaked of the celebs after what was thought to be an iCloud hack. 107 more words

Louis CK Predicted the Nudies

Louis CK predicted Cloud becoming problematic:

If you Hollywood whores had only listened to CK…
now he gets to masturbate to your pictures
with all the other comedians. 105 more words