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SailorPao - Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon, Monarca Cosplay Internacional 2013

Spoiler Warning!?

Is it weird that I think that this skit wont work here in The United States because most conventions wont allow confetti? Anyways, this is a re-enactment from the last episode of Sailor Moon. Maybe NSFW?

Sailor Moon


Here I am again, at the infusion center for my second infusion of Remicade. I’m flying solo this time (no Jeffrey), although I am sharing the room with a gentleman I described,¬†on Facebook, as follows: 348 more words

Last ones for awhile

Just these pictures of Nina Hartley & Pam Grier.

Go ahead. Enjoy yourselves. I dare you all. ROFLMAO

Oh yeah, got around to these new ones of me, too. Oops…LMAO


And still more...

Well, I said I would put up nudes…lol
At any rate, it would be nice if I could have an intelligent critique of my nude form. 34 more words


Okay. Ready for more?

Let’s see, where was I?
Oh yes…
I pointed out last time that I happen to believe that nudity in & of itself is not… 126 more words


Shall we begin?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way…

Now that I have your attention, I guess an explanation is in order. So…
This blog is here because I happen to believe that the nude form in and of itself is not something to be ashamed of. 91 more words

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